NATURAL BLEND COFEE International Econet Corp.. WHAT CONSISTS OF OUR COFEE? Inulin Fiber ABM...

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Transcript of NATURAL BLEND COFEE International Econet Corp.. WHAT CONSISTS OF OUR COFEE? Inulin Fiber ABM...

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  • NATURAL BLEND COFEE International Econet Corp.
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  • WHAT CONSISTS OF OUR COFEE? Inulin Fiber ABM (Agaricus Blazei Murill) Trace Minerals Coffee Sugar
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  • WHAT IS INULIN? Inulin and oligofructose, also called fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), belongs to the class of fructan carbohydrates. Other synonyms for those healthy food ingredients are chicory root fiber and chicory root extract. In this explanation we refer all those alternatives to the word inulin.
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  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF INULIN Inulin is an excellent soluble dietary fiber. Inulin promotes digestive health by enriching the fiber content of food. It also has a prebiotic effect, stimulating the production of beneficial bacteria in the colon. It even boosts calcium absorption, resulting in improved bone health.
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  • BENEFITS OF INULIN: DIGESTIVE HEALTH Inulin and oligofructose can be used to increase the dietary fiber content of a wide variety of food products. Dietary fibers are essential in our daily food but our diets rarely contain enough of them. Inulin can be added to foods to increase the dietary fiber content. Inulin and oligofructose also stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, leading to healthier colonic microbiota. This so-called prebiotic effect improves the working of the intestine and ultimately the consumer's well-being.
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  • BENEFITS OF INULIN: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Inulin and oligofructose modulate the hormones that affect satiety, making you feel fuller for longer. Frutafit and Frutalose are low caloric ingredients. Thanks to this, and their positive effect on satiety, you can develop products focusing on weight management. Inulin has a low glycemic response, it fits the modern diet for diabetics as well.
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  • BENEFITS OF INULIN: BONE HEALTH Consuming inulin or oligofructose increases the absorption of calcium and possibly of magnesium. This is important in building stronger bones and maintaining bone quality. Increased mineral absorption can lead to better bone mineralization.
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  • BENEFITS OF INULIN: TASTE AND TEXTURE Inulin itself has a neutral, slightly sweet taste but it can also work as a flavor enhancer. In fact there is a synergetic effect between Frutafit and Frutalose and high-intensity sweeteners. Frutafit and Frutalose are excellent sugar substitutes in most foods. A further benefit of inulin is its ability to improve the texture and the creamy mouthfeel of low-fat yoghurt, cake, spreads and fillings.
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  • WHAT IS ABM (Agaricus blazei Murrill)? Agaricus blazei Murrill is a medicinal mushroom, a popular food that has low calorie content and is mineral rich. It contains important fibers, vitamins and amino acids. DO YOU KNOW? that Agaricus blazei Murrill was first used as medicine by doctors in the Byzantine Empire from the fourth to the fifteenth century.
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  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF ABM (Agaricus blazei Murrill) Aids Diabetics Lowers Cholesterol Stimulates the Immune System Prevents Peptic Ulcers & Osteoporosis Heals Digestive & Circulatory Ailments These benefits are being studied in detail in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea and there is more research in the pipeline.
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS Trace minerals are generally needed in quantities of only a few milligrams (mg) or micrograms (mcg) per day. When studying the relationship of minerals to human health, it becomes increasingly evident that keeping a balance level of minerals in every organ, tissue and cell of the human body may be a prominent key to maintaining a healthy existence. Although minerals comprise only a fraction of total body weight, they are crucial for many body functions including transporting oxygen, normalizing the nervous system and simulating growth, maintenance and repair of tissues and bones.
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS These minerals and trace minerals can be of most benefit if they are in balance with other elements they interact with Calcium: Essential for developing and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Chromium: Aids in glucose metabolism and helps regulate blood sugar by potentiating insulin and serving as a component of glucose tolerance factor. Colbalt: Promotes the formulation of red blood cells and and serves as a component of the vitamin B-12.
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS Copper: Essential to normal red blood cell formation and connective tissue formation. Acts as a catalyst to store and release iron to help form hemoglobin. Contributes to central nervous system function. lodine: Needed by the thyroid hormone to support metabolism. Iron: Necessary for red blood cell formation and Required for transport of oxygen throughout the body. Important for brain function.
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS * Magnesium: Activates over 100 enzymes and helps nerves and muscles function. Helps maintain the integrity of cell membranes and stabilizes the cell electrically Critical for proper heart function. * Manganese: Key component of enzyme systems, including oxygen-handling enzymes Supports brain function and reproduction Required for blood sugar regulation Part of bone structure.
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS * Molybdenum: Contributes to normal growth and development Key component in many enzyme systems including enzymes involved in detoxification. * Phosphorous: Works with calcium to develop and maintain strong bones and teeth. Enhances use of other nutrients Key role in cell membrane integrity and intercellular communication Critical for proper energy processing in the body
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS * Potassium: Regulates heartbeat, maintains fluid balance and helps muscles contract. * Selenium: Essential component of a key antioxidant enzyme, necessary for normal growth and development Role in detoxification of heavy metals. such as mercury. Role in production of antibodies by the immune system. Component of teeth.
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  • IMPORTANCE OF TRACE MATERIALS * Sulfur: Needed for structure of most protein, including muscles and hair. Critical role in liver detoxification. Important functions in antioxidant nutrients and oxygen handling Role in growth. * Zinc: Essential part of more than 200 enzymes involved in digestion, metabolism, reproduction and wound healing Critical role in immune response Important antioxidant.
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