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Transcript of Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Native AdvertisingJordyn, Erin, David, Mitch Group 23

What is Native Advertising?Form of advertisementThe activity of explicitly paying for media space or time in order to direct favorable attention to certain goods or services. Turow, p. 91Whats different?Fits naturally on a pageUndisruptiveChance to speak naturally with customersBuilding relationships in digital environments Native Advertising: IAB


Ultimately, we will show the benefits and drawbacks of native advertising, as well as examples, in order to demonstrate that integrating native advertising into daily life is a matter of media literacy.

BenefitsBrandsMedia Content ProvidersConsumers

BrandsShareable NicholsViral

Nichols, T. (2015, May 28). What Are The Benefits Of Native Advertising? Retrieved November 18, 2015, from



BrandsShareable NicholsViralHigher click-rates than banner ads HoelzelParticularly on mobile devices Cost effective Phil for HumanityVersus traditionalTargetedIncreased attention25% more likely to look at than banner DelaurentisHigher perception Ad blindnessPotential for following

Media Content ProvidersFlow of advertisement with content Phil for HumanityMore useful and interesting to consumersPerception of the media providerAds are more noticeable to modern, more ad-blind consumersAd space sales

ConsumersInformative Social Media Pros and Cons - ResourcesVersus banner adsAccountability of companies to consumers ChandUndisruptive Native Advertising: IABVersus pop-up ads

( or



DrawbacksBrandsMedia Content ProvidersConsumers

BrandsConsumers may not realize the posts are advertisements Phil for HumanityInternalizationDeceptionPotential for lost trustNo set standards/no ways to compare performance for most forms of native adsPotential loss of revenueSpam?

Media Content ProvidersConfusion and deception Phil for HumanityPerception of media content providerAdvertorial with a twistSpam lowering rank of websitePotential for decreased traffic


ConsumersDeception and confusion Phil for HumanityIncreased need for media literacyAd-blindnessDisruptive? AustinFocus group: advertisement-free news

Examples Media Literacy and You


PinterestPromoted PinsDefinition: Promoted Pinsare just like regular Pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people. Theyre native ad units that perform just as well, if not better, than organic Pins, helping people discover and save ideas for their future. Pinterest for BusinessMarketing GoalsAwarenessIntroduce your brand to the most desired audience aroundWalgreens increased referral trafficEngagementPeople save pins they are considering for future projectsBank of America: doubled engagementTrafficIncreased traffic to advertisers websiteDot & Bo: daily clicks increased 18000% than tripled their referral traffic from Pinterest

Bank of Americareached 6 million unique Pinners in less than 5 months and saw 2X engagement on their Promoted Pins

Dot & Boquadrupled the number of people visiting their website, increased repins by 6000% and boosted daily clicks to their site by a whopping 18000%


Whats the difference?

Scroll a bit to find out!

TumblrSponsored PostJust like regular Tumblr postsjust way more visible HeineTargetableSponsored DayNative ad / Banner ad hybrid Heine

Again Whats the difference?But Whats the same?

In conclusionBenefits and drawbacksTakes many forms in our daily livesNavigating this relatively new form of advertising will require media literacy skills

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