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FuW Native AdvertisingAdvertising through information

What is Native AdvertisingNative advertising is an online adver-tising method with the natural form and function of the usual FuW-content. Therefore, similar to an advertorial, it feels less intrusive then classic paid media ads because it matches the form and function of the user experience and thus increases the likelihood of gene-rating a lead. The content of native ad formats provide an added value to the user, as opposed to a classic ad or an advertorial, which only shares the look & feel of the editorial content.

Teaser-Box next to daily FuW top storiesSelf produced, editorial and journalistic content in a Picture/Text-Teaserbox in the look & feel of FuW-Content.

Full Integration within FuW-Content Full text View of contents: Produced by customer and implemented by the FuW editorial staff.

Implemented with:Text tagging (Indexed for FuW-Archive, Google Search)Related articles Mehr zum ThemaMentioned in box New StoriesMentioned in box Most readFully multimedia enabled

Intergration within daily FuW-Newsletter

Customer Contents are implemented in the daily FuW-Newsletter (with approx. 11000 Subscribers)Integration bei within Google News, Twitter and FacebookAppears on Google-News thanks to fulltext tagging of the contents, as well as on twitter and facebook

Sustainable impact (Brand Awareness, Brand Trust) due to high reputation and credibility of FuW editorial staffHighest attention due to proximity to FuW-ContentHighly flexible: content can be changed anytime during the dayGreat reach: content distribution via fuw.ch/Newsletter/Twitter/Google News on all platforms (desktop, mobile devices) Indexed for FuW-Archive and Google SearchIntelligent content distribution of complex topics Integrated, non invasive advertising formatNo supression by AdblockersFully multimedia enabled for generating new leads and direct communication with your target group

Costs: CHF 1800. gross/day. Attractive packages on requestYour advantagesContent has to be economy-/finance relatedContents have to be of technical nature. Native Advertising gives our partners the opportunity to present its competence in finance-/investment topics to a well-versed audience. (no PR or ad texts)Particularly suited are articles from analysts, CIOs, economists etc.The following additions are possible: neutral photos (no company logos), grafics, videosLinks (to own homepage, microsite, etc.) at the end of the text

Delivery deadline: 2 working days prior to publicationContact: ruedi.minger@fuw.ch +41 44 248 58 06

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