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My photo-shoot images.

My photo-shoot images. Commentary on why I made the choices I did.

This is the unedited image I used for my main cover. The stern, intimidating look on both models create a sense of competition between grime artists. The close up shot of both models and contrast between dark and light lighting highlights the difference of both artists e.g their gender. The microphone positioned in between both models is specific to the music magazine image.

I took this off-guard action shot in order to represent that all famous artists are normal underneath their personas as appose to what they front about to the media. This is a longshot taken in natural light which highlights the genre specific outfits they are both wearing.

The models in this image are making gang symbols with their hands highlighting the genre specific stereotype that grime artists focus on gangs/ postcodes in which they represent. All models are seen to be covering their faces with masks or behind another's shoulders which links to a quote mentioned by one of the artists interviewed on the double page spread that it does not matter about look but the lyrics or flow that an artist has. The background and lighting used here is clear and intriguing helping the audience to focus on the genre specific clothing (brand endorsement.)

These genre specific items are placed on a white backdrop to contrast the black colour in order for them to stand out. This shot is a high angle shot so that the audience can view everything in the picture and also highlights the genre specific brand featured on the cap. (This is an aspect of brand endorsement.)

My models posed in such a pose to represent the tough exterior and badass persona that all grime artists withhold. The model in the background points at the camera to reveal an intimidating feel which is supported by both models covering their faces with masks. I took this image as a mid-shot with a white background to particularly focus on the dark clothing which is stereotypical for my genre. The model in the foreground is holding a microphone which is specific to music magazines only.

The model holds a microphone which has a connection to the fact my magazine is a music magazine. Also the model is wearing the clothes of which a grime artist would wear for example a balaclava and teeth grills. This shot is a midshot taken from below to create the effect of the artist looking down on his fans.