My Name is Alice

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Transcript of My Name is Alice

My name is Alice.


inanimate Alice Episode 5 : Lost and Found

My name is Alice.

I am 16 years old.

I am all on my own in thesouth of England,Because I ran away.

I miss my parents now,I am starting to regret my cowardly thinking.

My Ba-xi is broken!Its out of charge as well ! I really am on my own again.

So I start looking for a taxi,in the rain on a lonely street.

I've waited for hours now, its getting cold.

A taxi finally drives by.I put my hand out and it stopped.

The man signals me to open the door.

He was very kind and he agreed to take me home.

Now I have no more money left for anything at all !

So we start the long journey backin the early hours of the morning.

I eventually make it home .It is still cold !

I walk to my front door to find out the police are there.

When I asked what's going on.The police officer tells me some very bad news.

He announces this house has been broken into.

The officer asks me who I am so I tell him that I live here.

He is doubting me so I show him a torn family picture.

The officer focuses on me and tells me to go into the police car.

He tells me that they received a phone call from my parents, saying that I ran away.

He also told me that when my parents were out looking for me the house was burgled and that all of Mings paintings had been taken.

He tells me that my parents have been looking for me and they are at the police station right now, ready for an update.

The Police Officer takes me to the police station.

There I meet my parents, they seem shocked !

I remember the reason why I ran away.

It was because my Ba-xi broke. I thought I had lost Brad and all my progress forever.

I couldn't take it, so I ran !

We are now in a very lucky situation to have had our house refurbished.

This is hopefully my last big mistake for a while.

These are some pictures of our house that I took on my new Ba-xi with Brads assistance !

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