Inanimate Alice Episode 5 Switzerland >> My name is Alice. I’m 18 years old. >>

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Transcript of Inanimate Alice Episode 5 Switzerland >> My name is Alice. I’m 18 years old. >>

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Slide 2 Inanimate Alice Episode 5 Switzerland >> Slide 3 My name is Alice. Im 18 years old. >> Slide 4 Im in Switzerland >> Slide 5 We just came back from England The men from Russia are after us. >> Slide 6 We live in an apartment. Well Im not so sure if we are living in here because the men are after us. >> Slide 7 I heard the door creek open. I ran upstairs to my room >> Slide 8 I heard my mum screaming. I went downstairs to have a look. >> Slide 9 My mum was crying. She told me that the men from Russia got John. I was scared and worried and joined the crying with Ming. >> Slide 10 I turn on my player and start playing a game I made. >> Slide 11 My house looks like this... >> Slide 12 I am in shock. My mum comes up into my room. She holds me tight and says everything is going to be ok. >> Slide 13 My mum tells me to go to sleep. I dont think everything is going to be ok. >> Slide 14 The next morning Ming took me to a chocolate shop. >> Slide 15 When we got there Ming and I ordered chocolate. There were heaps of chocolates to choose from. >> Slide 16 I was about to choose my chocolate but then my mum whispered into my ear. >> Slide 17 Those are the men that took John. We should follow them. >> Slide 18 We got off our seats and followed the men. We ended up at this run down small factory. The men went through a door. >> Slide 19 I spotted a hole and I looked trough it. I told my mum to come and have a look. >> Slide 20 It was John! He was tied to a pole with a gag on his mouth. >> Slide 21 Ming rang the police. >> Slide 22 Ahhhhhh! The men grabbed us and took us both to where John was. They gagged us and tied us to a pole next to John. >> Slide 23 I overheard them. They were planning to blow up this place with us in it! >> Slide 24 We heard a siren. The police arrived. The men got all of their weapons. Guns fired and bullets went everywhere. >> Slide 25 The police had to call reinforcements. They sent a swat squad to sneak in and get us. >> Slide 26 A man came. He got out a stun grenade and threw it at the men. >> Slide 27 BOOOOM!! I saw nothing but white and I was defended. >> Slide 28 When we got our sight back we saw the two men in handcuffs and all of the police. >> Slide 29 The police united us and took us back home. I am glad that my dad is back and hes not in trouble anymore. I hope I go back to Saudi Arabia and meet up with my friends and Ayisha! >> Slide 30 By Giacco Studios