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#MIN68 features a location-based advertising app, a micro-real estate marketplace for crowded spots, a novelty product to aid conception, a social network for investing, an app that mimics a backup orchestra, a line of unique bags, an event scheduler, a realty transaction app, a phishing guardian, and a career progression tool. Constant Contact's Inno Loft hosts the event on Wednesday November 12th.

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  • 1. BetrSpot MobileMicro Real EstateMarketsCadenza CareerNumbers EventFishCloudStock Howler App DesignwhoyouareTheSemenettePhishingGuardian realtycloud Transaction Application

2. SlingAmp Antigravity Amplifier Stand 3. of Tweets, emails,mentions and postspromote the voting to wina presentation slot at ourProduct Launch Party. 4. of people attend MassInnovation Nights LaunchParties every month. 5. products display everymonth at Mass InnovationNights Launch Parties.Photos by Janet Egan @hammerchick 6. voted most popular earn afive minute pitch to thecrowd. 7. Story to Song 8. Half a billion+in vc, angel, investor, grants, and awardsPhoto by Janet Egan 9. Innovation in many forms.