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  • 1. Disposing of the disposable Projects in Sustainable Design | FALL 2012

2. Starbucks Blenz Waves Tim Hortons Caf Artigiano Bean Around the World McDonalds JJ Bean Transit T T T T T T coffee shops in downtown vancouver 3. $ WavesCoffeeatRichard&Hasting 4. organizing ideas 5. changing behaviour through visual cues 6. starting the conversation 7. PLEDGE / RESPONSE CALLTOACTION INFORMATIVE QUESTION FOLLOW US @DESISECUAD 0-1 2-4 4+ HOWMAN Y PAPER CUPS COULD YOU SAVETH ISWEEK? lid intervention 8. dont be that guy 9. learning by making 10. systems thinking 11. final iteration 12. Engage the consumer Barista as a point of intervention Sustainable incentives Complement customers lifestyle Ubiquitous technology scalable recommendations 13. contact us email: twitter: @desisecuad