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  • 8/20/2019 Medford - 0923.pdf

    1/24 SEPT. 23–29, 2015 FREE

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    Holy Cross parents concerned with busing. PAGE 6


      o  m   e    &    G  a

      r  d   e  n

        i  s   s  u   e   !

    By SEAN LAJOIE The Sun

    After a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the great American west, pho- tographers Patricia Worley and Larry Lyons have returned home to showcase the stunning images they captured of the beautiful western nature.

    Lyons and Worley spent much of the past year traveling to the many state and national parks in the western part of the United States to enhance their portfolio of photos they have been building upon for years.

    Worley and Lyons have a simi- lar deep passion for photography and travel.

    They first met through the South Jersey Camera Club while going on a six-week photography trip to South Africa where they served as photographers docu- menting the wildlife on the pre-

    serve where they stayed. They began exhibiting their

    work from Africa where they  joined forces as field trip coordi- nators for the club and tried to take workshops and photography trips together whenever they could.

    “There are many benefits to working with another person,” Worley said. “Photography takes a lot of pre-planning. Having

    someone else to share in the re- search of where to go and how to shoot it makes the entire process much easier. We are constantly learning from each other when it comes to equipment and process- ing of the images.”

    Safety is also an important issue to the duo as they enjoy shooting in the Pine Barrens at night, when it is best to have a buddy with you.

    It is also nice to have a partner when setting up and breaking

    down different exhibits that can take hours and be physically de- manding.

    The newest display they will be setting up in Medford will be the “Great American West” exhibit they put together during their

    most recent trip. “This exhibit is all about shar-

    ing the experience so that the public has the opportunity to ei- ther connect with nature or per- haps reconnect with their own ex- periences from visiting the Amer- ican west. It is a ride that one never forgets,” Lyons said.

    The group decided to take the trip on coincidental terms.

    “I was going out west with my husband and some friends,” Wor- ley said. “Whenever I travel with my family, I am always looking for an opportunity to extend my trip to dedicate to just taking pho- tographs. In this case, there was a two-week photography excursion that coincided with the trip to Utah.”

    This excursion was to Yellow- stone and the Grand Tetons after already having visited Arizona, Utah and Wyoming over her five- week vacation.

    Lyons got wind of this trip and was looking to go on an adventure of his own, so he joined Worley in visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. He also decided to drive out and stop at the Badlands and various other locations along the way.

    After the two-week stint in Wyoming, Lyons continued to

    RICH LEWIS/Special to The Sun

    Photographers Larry Lyons and Patricia Worley take photographs at Harriman State Park in New York. The pair has an exhibit of western nature photography at the Hansen Warner Gallery.

    Photographers bring trip out west back east Locals Patricia Worley and Larry Lyons showcase images of western nature in photography show 

     please see MEET, page 16

  • 8/20/2019 Medford - 0923.pdf




    Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm • Saturday: 10am to 3pm 

    185 Route 70, Suite 2, Medford, NJ 08055

    (609) 654-4650

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           

    Amish To Celebrate Harvest and Heritage Festival

    J&L Amish Depot To Hold Festival

    Sept. 26 at Columbus Farmer’s Market COLUMBUS, N.J. – Celebrate the heritage of Amish culture and the coming harvest with J&L Amish Depot

    Saturday, Sept. 26. The inaugural Harvest and Heritage Festival is 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26 at the

    Columbus Farmers Market. This event will offer buggy rides, a pig-roast, homemade ice cream and more in

    celebration of the beginning of the autumn harvest season. Get a taste of Amish food and culture, and learn

    about Amish furniture making. Guests will be offered exclusive pre-order pricing for dining room tables in

    time for the holidays.

    Wednesday, Sept. 23-Saturday, Sept. 26 J&L Amish Depot is offering 10 percent of f on all outdoor structures

    including barns, sheds, gazebos, pavilions, pergolas and garages. Enter through gate 1 Columbus Farmers

    Market on Route 206 in Columbus, NJ. Call 609-265-0298 or visit


    By SEAN LAJOIE The Sun

    “A lot of times hunger is over- looked as a public health problem in this area,” said Renee Zallie, di- rector of health and wellness and owner of the ShopRite of Med- ford. “With the needs that are out there and our expertise in the area, we feel that we can make an impact and raise awareness.”

    Zallie and her husband David own the ShopRite of Medford, and every year for five weeks starting the last week of August and going through September, the group links with General Mills and creates a collaborative event to “stamp out hunger.”

    Each year, they create a new idea for the event in hopes of rais- ing more money than the previ- ous year to feed the hungry in the

    local community. “Myself and my staff of dieti-

    tians try to brainstorm some- thing new for our annual event, and this year we tried to tie health and wellness into feeding those in the area that need it,” Za- llie said.

    This year’s five-week campaign will be a 5k run that will be held on Sept. 26. Zallie has her doctor- ate in wellness and health, and she has made it a point to encour- age her ShopRite to make a large

    commitment to this field. All proceeds raised will go to

    the ShopRite Partners In Caring fund, which is distributed throughout the South Jersey Food Bank system.

    ShopRite Partners In Caring is a year-round, community-based, hunger-fighting initiative that works with more than 50 food in- dustry manufacturers to provide nearly $3 million annually to qualified charitable agencies in New Jersey, New York, Connecti- cut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

    A number of ShopRites from

    Working to ‘Stamp out Hunger’ ShopRite of Medford partners for 5K fundraiser on Sept. 26

     please see GOAL, page 4

    "# ! ! #  "# ! ! ! " 

    !!  

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    Deal Direct With The Owner

     All Work Fully Guaranteed



    Camden County

    856-424-1610 Burlington County 


     Ser ving  So u th

     Jerse y since 1 9 75

     Windows • Siding • Capping • Roofing • Decks • Additions and More Former President and Chairman of The Board of the NJ Remodelers Associations

    The Winner of the 2014

    Certainteed Siding Award of Excellence

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    GAF Certified Roofing Contractor


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    Not valid on prior sales or estimates. Must present coupon at time of sale

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  • 8/20/2019 Medford - 0923.pdf


    the region participate in this campaign, and by teaming with General Mills, it enables the top 40 stores that participate to pick two employees to put on the newest Cheerios box.

    Since its founding in 1999, ShopRite Partners in Caring has donated nearly $37 million to more than 1,700 charities, includ- ing emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters,

    child care centers, battered women’s shelters, senior citizen programs, drug rehab centers, programs for the mentally and physically disabled, after-school

    programs and other organiza- tions that aid those in need.

    Last year, the ShopRite of Med- ford held a family fun day and community flea market and