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    1/20 JUNE 24–30, 2015 FREE

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    INSIDE THIS ISSUE Parking problems

    Public concerned with student parking. PAGE 4


    The class of 2015 entered the football field by taking a lap around the track before it was seated at Shawnee Regional High School’s commencement ceremony. Friends and family filed into the bleachers at the field as the clouds rolled in, but the rain held off long enough for the Renegade seniors to receive their diplomas and celebrate their four years of memories. For more photos, please see page 10.

    Shawnee High School Class of 2015

    By SEAN LAJOIE The Sun

    Amateur radio’s roots can be traced to the 19th century.

    Over time, amateur radio, or “ham,” enthusiasts have signifi- cantly contributed to a number of  things such as science, engineer- ing, industry and social services. There are about 3 million opera- tors active worldwide.

    The term "ham" as a nickname for amateur radio operators origi- nated in a derogatory usage by operators in commercial and pro- fessional radio communities.

    Members of the Burlington County Radio Club will be partic- ipating in the National Amateur

    Radio Field Day exercise June 27- 28 at the Tabernacle Emergency Services Building. This is usually the club’s biggest event of the year.

    Field day will give ham radio operators a venue to demonstrate the science and skills of amateur radio by showcasing their tempo- rary ham radio stations in a pub-

    National Amateur Radio Field Day 

    exercise June 27-28

    Calling all ham radio


     please see AMATEUR, page 14

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    2 THE MEDFORD SUN — JUNE 24–30, 2015


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    Fourth-grade students from Cranberry Pines Elementary School delivered more than 7,500 nonperishable food items that they collected between May 13 and 28. They formed an assembly line at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Medford on June 11, al- lowing every student to literally

    lend a hand for every food item delivered.

    This is the 12th consecutive year that Cranberry Pines stu- dents and families have collected food benefitting local families through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Students lead the food drive each year by distributing

    flyers and giving speeches to each class to kick-off the effort. They make daily collections and record the number of food items collect- ed. Bags of food line the halls of  the school so the students can see the scope of the donations. In all, students have collected more than 49,000 items.

    Special to The Sun

    Medford Cranberry Pines elementary school stu- dents deliver food that they had collected be- tween May 13 and 28.

    Students hand-deliver food donation to church

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    4 THE MEDFORD SUN — JUNE 24–30, 2015

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    The Sun Lenape High School students

    parking at the Medford Youth Athletic Association’s girls soft- ball field on Hartford Road was a topic for concern at the Medford Town Council’s last meeting.

    Seniors have the opportunity to purchase a parking pass to park in the lot on Lenape grounds, but this only leaves about 25 spots for those who are not seniors. For years now, jun-

    iors who have their license have been parking across the street from Lenape in the MYAA lot.

    The Lenape students who park there are not required to have a permit so it is wide open parking on township property on which Medford is liable.

    Cherokee, Shawnee and Seneca high schools do not allow stu- dents to park outside of their property; Lenape is the only school in the district that does this.

    “We received some complaints from some neighbors about the dust, kids speeding out of there and just the way they drive around in the parking lot,” Med-

    ford Township Clerk Kathy Berg- er said.

    This is not the first time the topic has been brought before the Medford Town Council. In 2012, a resolution added crossing guards there.

    It was suggested by Mayor Charles Watson to handle the sce- nario like they handle roadwork or a parade.

    “There needs to be a police offi- cer there for certain hours, and the school would be responsible for paying for that,” Watson said.

    He also suggested the idea of  charging kids for a parking per- mit in the MYAA lot, similar to how the school charges to park in its lot on campus.

    The township has had discus- sions with the schools about tak- ing the parking away altogether, but Lenape argues it does not have the capacity at the school.

    Also, the council showed con- cern that if it does not allow the students to park there, they will have problems in other areas or

    neighborhoods that are still in the township.

    “If we close down MYAA for

    Lenape students parking on MYAA lot raises concern

     please see PUBLIC, page 12

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    JUNE 24–30, 2015 –THE MEDFORD SUN 5

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    Special to The Sun

    The kindergarten class of St. Mary of the Lakes School visits the Air Victory Museum in Medford.

    Kindergarteners have high-flying fun

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    6 THE MEDFORD SUN — JUNE 24–30, 2015

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