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Complete presentation about MCG tooling. Business unit at MCG mind for metal tooling design and manufacturing, tools and dies mainly for the automotive insdustry. Plants, technologies, processes. Visit us at

Transcript of MCG tooling 2015

  • Company presentation


  • MCG site

    Manuel Conceio Graa, Lda.

    Family Owned Private Company

    Located in Carregado, PORTUGAL

    Over 60 years experience

    Steel parts and assemblies, tool an die development and manufacturing

  • MCG plants

    Total area= 96.000 mCovered = 34.000 m

    Metal1 Stamping, welding, assembling, surface treatment

    Metal 2 Tool shop, machining

    Metal 3 Laser, bending, welding

    Metal 4 Stamping

    Metal 5 Assembling

  • Employees MCG

  • Business Areas

    Prototyping and rapid manufacturingDesign, production and assembly of metal assemblies Metal assemblies

    and components for the automotive industry

    Development and manufacturing of stamping tools & dies for the automotive industry

    R&D projects

  • Turnover

  • Destinations / Shipments


    46.000.000 shipped parts 30.000 shipments

    130 clients/destinations all business units

  • MCG @ GM

    General Motors' Supplier

    Quality Excellence Award


    Opels Live Auditorium

    Rsselsheim, Germany

    September 30, 2014.

  • MCG ToolingBusiness Unit

  • MCG tooling supplies automotive industry tier 1 suppliers and OEMs that manage large scale outsourcing programs for stamping tools (progressive and automatic transfer tools) in order to achieve simple and competitive solutions for complex situations, succeeding

    in their industrialization programs.Unlike low-cost, unqualified companies and with little or none

    experience in analyzing and implementing serial production processes, MCG provides qualified and competitive personnel,

    focused on optimizing customers total cost.With work based on its solid experience in stamped parts production, always under the highest automotive industry

    standards (ISO9001, ISO/TS16949), MCG manages to get the best integrated solution (one stop shop), consisting in a reliable and

    flexible partner as shown by several implemented programs with costumers like GM/Opel and VW (Body-in-White), Faurecia (Seat

    Structures), CBI (DrumBreaks).

    MCG Tooling Value Proposition

    what we offer

  • MCG Tooling

    our focus

    MCG is a manufacturer for Stamping Tooling such as:

    Progressive Stamping Tools up to 4500mm

    Automatic Transfer Stamping Tools up to 6500mm

    Tandem Transfer Stamping Tools

    Hybrid (Progressive + Automatic Transfer) Stamping Tools

    Checking Fixtures

    Stamping tools with special features (in-die ops and automation)

    MCG is equipped for Big Volume Tooling

    MCG is able to validate in real conditions serial life conditions in most of the cases

  • MCG Tooling

    project management driven

    MCG is working on a project management logic

    Periodic full detail reporting, conf calls

    Centralized communication channels by the PM, or

    Decentralized communication peer to peer according to clients needs

    English as our official language

  • MCG Tooling Partners

  • MCG Tooling Partners

    our partners for materials and heat treatments

    Material and Heat Treatment from Thyssen:

    Thyssen Steel Center at 2Km from MCG. Total flexibility.

    The heat treatments are made by Thyssen in Marinha Grande

    Material and Heat Treatment from Bohler:

    Representative from Bohler in Portugal called UniversalAfir.

    Material and Heat Treatment from Uddeholm:

    Representative from Uddeholm in Portugal called Ramada.

  • MCG Tooling Partners

    our partners for standard components

    Standard Components from Fibro:

    Representative from Fibro in Portugal called Ferrometal

    Also direct contact to Fibro Germany

    Volker Rupprecht International Sales

    Standard Components from Voestalpine:

    Direct Contact to Germany

    Frank Amede, Andreas Gayer International Sales

    Standard Components from Stack Normalien:

    Direct Contact to Germany

    Bernhard Reichl International Sales

  • MCG Tooling Partners

    our partners for coatings

    Coatings from Oerlikon Balzers:

    Experience with Balinit Lumena and Futura Nano

    Direct supplying in Portugal, Leiria

    Coatings from Prirev:

    Portuguese Supplier

    Experience with TiN, CrN, TiCN, ZrN, AITiN and WS2 solid lub

    Coatings TEandM:

    Portuguese Supplier

  • MCG Tooling Partners

    our academic R&D partner

    Since its creation in 1911, InstitutoSuperior Tcnico is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology and Architecture in Portugal.

    It has three camps, all located in the Greater Lisbon area (Alameda in Lisbon, Taguspark in Oeiras and Tecnolgico e Nuclear Campus in Loures),

  • MCG Tooling Partners

    our academic R&D partner

    MCG works in cooperation with IST and PhD Paulo Martins on several projects that led to several paper publications and magazine covers

  • MCG Tooling Partners

    MCG sponsors manufacturing labs at IST (NOF)

  • Tooling RelatedSoftware and

    Personnel@ MCG








    MCG Tooling

    engineering and management software list

  • 7 Tooling Engineers (up to 40 years in experience)

    10 Assembly/Try-Out workers (up to 30 years in experience)

    2 Project Managers + 2 Progress Monitors

    5 Process Engineers/Machining Programmers

    On tool shop we are able to work 3 shifts

    MCG Tooling

    engineering and management personnel list

  • Tooling RelatedNew Investments

    @ MCG

  • MCG Tooling new investments


  • MCG Tooling new investments


  • MCG Tooling new investments


  • MCG Tooling new investments

    precision universal tester

    Shimadzu | AG-Xplus Series 50 KN

  • MCG Tooling new investments

    laser scanning arm

    Quality reporting

    Reverse Engineering

    Tooling and Part checking

    2,7m spherical working volume

    Related softwares:

    Cam 2

    Polyworks Inspector


    faro edge 2.7m

  • MCG Tooling new investments

    5 axis machining center

    DMG DMU 60 eVo linear

  • New Plant Metal 4 | New 3.300 ton press

  • Machineryfor Big Tooling

  • MCG Tooling

    specific machinery for big tooling

    Milling Machine 4500*2600*1000

  • MCG Tooling

    specific machinery for big tooling

    Laser Machine 4000*2000

  • MCG Tooling

    specific machinery for big tooling

    Small to medium machines for smaller components

  • MCG Tooling

    specific machinery for big tooling

    Transfer Mechanical Press 800Ton (4500*2100)

  • MCG Tooling

    specific machinery for big tooling

    Progressive Mechanical Press 800Ton (4500*2100)

  • MCG Tooling

    specific machinery for big tooling

    Mechanical Press 3300Ton (1500*2500 + 6400*2500)

  • Tooling RelatedR&D activities and projects

    @ MCG

  • R&D Projects


    R&D Projects

    Multi parts assembling and mechanical coupling systems

    Challenge:To replace the welding

    connections by others with the same mechanical characteristics

    Conventional approachConventional welding

    MCG Approach:Replacing conventional welding

    by mechanical connection based on tube forming operations

  • SPIF

    R&D Projects

    SINGLE POINT INCREMENTAL FORMINGSmall batch production, prototypes and more diversity of productsPart production directly from the CAD design using CNC CNC machine with no need for stamping tools.

    Challenge:Produce functional prototypes without

    tooling investment.

    Conventional approachProduction of conventional tools for

    prototypes production.

    MCG Approach:Depending on part geometry we have

    the two options:SPIF and laser-cutSPIF, laser cutting and conventional stamping tools.

  • MouldCork

    R&D Projects

    Challenge:Optimize thermal, acoustic and

    damping characteristics on structural metal components

    Conventional approachUse of insulators and damping

    materials applied after assembling operations

    MCG Approach:Optimize a composite cork base

    polymer for conventional stamping process, taking advantage of three characteristics associated with cork:

    Low weightHigh acoustic and damping performanceHigh thermal performance

  • LaTch 1 | Lightweight Thermoplastic Composites

    R&D Projects

    ObjectiveDevelop and integrate new composite materials based on unidirectional thermoplastic and its processing techs.

    ImplementationBuild a prototype of a structural automotive component taht is currently made out of steel

    HowTest new materials and processes to try and reduce weight, matching the original strutural performance

    CalendarStart - Jan 2014; End Jul 2015

  • LaTch 2

    R&D Projects

    Project aiming to develop, build and test a hybrid automotive seat demonstrator (recliner and back/bottom sections only)The carbon reinforced polyamide part and additional metal inserts are then join together in a overmouldingprocess

    Development of know-how on different hybrid joining processes (bonding, etc)

    Improvement on tooling (LATCH 1) design and manufacturing; demo manufacturing on pre-indust