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Complete presentation about MCG automotive. Business unit at MCG mind for metal dedicated to engineering and production of metal components and assemblies to OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. Plants, technologies, processes. Visit us at

Transcript of MCG automotive 2015

  • MCG mind for metalCompany Presentation

  • MCG mind for metal

    Family Owened Company

    Carregado, PORTUGAL

    Over 60 years of experience

    Metal Components and Assemblies, tool and dies design and manufacturing

    Manuel Conceio Graa, Lda.

  • MCG mind for metal

    Manuel Conceio Graa, Lda.

  • Metal1 Series production (stamping, welding, surface treat.)

    Metal 2 Tools and dies

    Metal 3 Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing

    Metal 4 Series production

    Metal 5 Assembly


    Total area 96.000 m2Covered area 34.000 m2

  • Human Resources

  • Business Units

    Prototyping and rapid manufacturingDesign, production and assembly of metal assemblies Metal assemblies

    and components for the automotive industry

    Development and manufacturing of stamping tools & dies for the automotive industry

    R&D projects

  • Turnover

  • Awards

    General Motors' SupplierQuality Excellence Award2013/2014

    Opels Live Auditorium Rsselsheim, GermanySeptember 30, 2014.

  • Destinations / Shipments


    46.000.000 shipped parts 30.000 shipments

    130 clients/destinations all business units

  • Investments

  • Metal 4

    New stamping unit3.300 ton Press

  • Metal 5

    New assembling area12.000 m

  • Panel Bender

    Prima PowerFast BendFBe5-3

  • Agenda 2020 @ MCG

    MCG strategy


    R&D Projects

  • Agenda 2020 @ MCG

  • Agenda 2020

  • THOMAS HAWKSLEY GOLD MEDAL 2014"Elastomer-assisted compression beading of tubesLuis M Alves, Pedro MF Leito and Paulo AF MartinsAwards for the best original papers published by the Institution during the past 12 months.

    Objective: To replace the welding connections by otherswith the same mechanical characteristics


    Multi parts assembling and mechanical coupling systems

    Steel Research InternationalCover of the 1/2014 edition

  • LaTCh: Lightweight Thermoplastic Composites

    Objective: Develop and integrate new composite materialsbased on unidirectional thermoplastic and its processingtechs.


    SPIF - Single Point Incremental Forming

    Objective: Optimize thermal, acoustic and damping characteristics on structural metal components


  • Mould Cork

    Objective: Otimizar as caractersticas trmicas, acsticas e de amortecimento em componentes metlicos estruturais.



    Objective: Development of a high performance CPC collector Prototype 2 - ReelCoop R & D Projeto.


  • Future Projects @ MCG

    Projects R&D

    Latch2*Moliporex, Cadflow,

    INEGI, MCG3 years

    Kickoff: 01.01.2016

    SLM XL* (selective laser melting)

    Adira, FCT, IST, MCG

    3yearsKickoff: Out2015


    MCG, FCT-UNL1.5 years

    Kickoff: Jan2016


    Aprooved - Grant signature4 years

    Kickoff: Set2015

    MODseat*MCG, SET

    Iberomoldes, AD, IST, ERT3 years

    Kickoff: 01.01.2016

    OUTspot*Iberbel, IPN, MCG,

    AD1.5 years

    Kickoff: Out 2015

    Commute*MCG, Critical, ACC,

    Itecons2 years

    Kickoff: Out 2015

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Portfolio MCG automotive

  • Plants & Teams @ MCG





  • Quality Department

  • Quality Department

    Recent acquisitions: FARO ARM

    - 3D measurement anywhere;- Quick check when it comes to tools;- 100% comparison to a 3D Model.

  • Project Management

  • Stamping

    Auto-Transfer max 8 m | 3.300 ton

    Progressive max 4.5 m | 800 ton

    Transfer max5.0 m | 1250 ton


    Mild steel & HSS steel


    Stainless Steel

    fully automated conveyors for scrap recovery with steel/aluminium segregation

    Plant | Metal 1+4


  • Plant | Metal 1+4

    Welding, assembling, surface treatment

    Welding and Joining capabilities

    Robot & Manual welding

    Arc Welding

    Resistance / Drawn Arc

    Tapping / Riveting / Clinching (in die & stand alone)

    Materials: Sheet Metal & Tube, Bolts / Nuts / Rivets / Studs, Springs

    Surface treatment

    KTL Line

    Epoxy Line

    Annealing Line


  • Capable to manage large scale programs for stamping tools (progressive and automatic transfer tools), up to 4,5 M/year

    Stamping Tooling such as:

    Progressive Stamping Tools up to 4500mmAutomatic Transfer Stamping Tools up to 6500mmTandem Transfer Stamping ToolsHybrid (Progressive + Automatic Transfer) Stamping ToolsChecking FixturesStamping tools with special features (in-die ops and automation)

    Able to validate in real conditions serial life conditionsin most of the cases


    Plant | Metal 2

    Tool shop

  • Plant | Metal 2

    Tool shop

    Project management driven

    Experienced team

    7 Tooling Engineers (up to 40 years in experience)

    10 Assembly/Try-Out workers (up to 30 years in experience)

    2 Project Managers + 2 Progress Monitors

    5 Process Engineers/Machining Programmers

    On tool shop we are able to work 3 shifts


    Machining Centers

    CNC Milling Machines

    Turning Centre and Lathes

    Grinding Machines

    Wire Erosion Machines

    Spark Erosion Machines

    Try-Out Hydraulic Press

    3D CMM machine

    max 1000 x 500 x 500

    max 4500 x 2500 x 950

    max Diam 300

    max 1000 x 500

    max 700 x 500

    max 700 x 500

    1000 Ton

    max 1000 x 800

  • Plant | Metal 3

    Prototype and

    rapid manufacturing

    Laser cutting equipment |Trumpf

    Work area: 4000 x 2000 mm

    Cutting speed (max): 300 m/min

    Laser Power (max): 6000 w (Truflow6000)

    Maximum sheet thickness:

    Mild steel: 25mm, Stainless steel: 25 mm, Aluminium: 15 mm

    Together with a bending equipment, also Trumpf, MCG offers a complete solution for prototyping and low series production

  • Plant | Metal 5

    Assembling area

    New investment (2015)

    12.000 m2

    Area dedicated to

    assembly operations