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Management Review Meeting 2014 15 Presentation By - M.P. Chapter - Indore Slide 2 Slide 3 The Major Industrial Areas in the State Bhopal Indore Raisen Harda Mandideep Dewas Pithampur Khandwa Jhabua Dhar Ujjain Mandsaur Ratlam Jabalpur Sehore Shajapur Satna Gwalior Slide 4 Group Related Development at Important Places Slide 5 BRAND BUILDING OF FIEO Slide 6 Events Organized at Indore and other Cities DATEEVENTS ORGANISED No. of Paid Participants 26 th April 2014 Workshop on Doing Business with Latin American Countries- Indore 12 31 st May 2014 Seminar on Export Schemes and Export Benefits for Exporters- Indore 22 7 th June 2014 Seminar on Business Growth through Exports Ratlam (M.P.) No participation fees (130) 11 th July 2014 Major Economic Overview and Foreign Exchange Risk Management (CITI Bank)-Indore No participation fees (50) Slide 7 Events Organized at Indore Cont DATEEVENTS ORGANISED No. of Paid Participants 12 th July 2014 Seminar on Business Growth through Exports Jabalpur (M.P.) No participation fees (155) 2 nd Aug 2014 Terms of Shipment & Terms of Payment with special Reference to Letter of Credit- Indore 16 23 rd & 24 th Aug 2014 2 Days Certificate Course on International Trade-Indore 20 27 th Sept 2014 Seminar on Use of Web Resources for Export Promotion- Indore 20 Slide 8 Events Heads (from 1 st April to 31 st March) 2012 132013 142014 15 (up to Oct 14) Revenue from Domestic Events -1, 86,3151, 76, 787 Expenditur e on Domestic Events -2, 49,8492, 66, 185 Slide 9 FIEO in Press Slide 10 News Articles covered by Press No.NewspaperNo. of Articles Covered 1Business Bhaskar / Dainik Bhaskar 53 2Naidunia (I Next) 12 3The Times of India / Economic Times 8 4DNA / Patrika 10 Slide 11 Training Courses Conducted 2 Days Certificate Course on International Trade at Indore TWICE Proposed 2 Days Certificate Course on International Trade at Indore for M.B.A. Students studying with various Institutions. Proposed 6 Months Certificate Course on Import Export Management at Indore affiliated by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (D.A.V.V.) Slide 12 Planned Activities for the year 2014-15 NoEventPlaceDate 1Winning the Global Market through Export of ServicesIndore22 nd Nov 2014 2Seminar on Foreign Exchange & Risk ManagementIndore 29 th Nov 2014 3Negotiation of Letter of CreditIndore/Bhopal 6 th Dec 2014 4FTA Outreach Indore20 th Dec 2014 5Feeding the World- Focus on Agriculture Exports IndoreJan 2015 62 Day Certificate Course on International Business (For MBA Students) IndoreJan 2015 7Exporters Meet in association with ECGCBhopalFeb 2015 8Workshop on Export PackagingIndoreFeb 2015 96 Month Certificate course on Export Import Management with DAVV IndoreMarch 2015 10Potential of Trade with China IndoreMarch 2015 Slide 13 Proposed Places to Conduct the Events INDORE : (Dewas, Khandwa, Dhar, Pithampur, Ujjain, Ratlam, Neemuch, Mandsaur) BHOPAL : (Mandideep, Sehore, Raisen, Harda, Shajapur, Hoshangabad) GWALIOR : (Shivpuri, Bhind, Morena, Malanpur ) Slide 14 Membership Base in MP Slide 15 Total Members as on 2014-2015 Upto Oct No.CategoryMembers 1EXPORT HOUSE18 2MPG339 3STAR EXPORT HOUSE18 4SERVICE PROVIDER12 5SERVICE PROVIDER + MPG1 6TRADING HOUSE5 *TOTAL393 **Total Paid Members299 Slide 16 Increase of New Members Slide 17 Membership Revenue Target 20 Lac Slide 18 Actual and Projected Revenue from New Members Growth Rate 12% Slide 19 Certificate of Origin Slide 20 Few Common Issues Faced By Exporters CONNECTIVITY BY RAIL Being a land locked state and no proper route of rail transport, exporters in Madhya Pradesh are facing immense difficulties in carrying out the export/import activities. CONTAINERS BY ROAD In view of poor connectivity and non availability of racks from Ratlam exporters are forced to dispatch the cargo by road transport to Mumbai which in turn cost them heavily. Till the Pithampur is connected with Ratlam by railway line the racks should be made available from Indore. KNOWLEDGE UPGRADATION Many exporters are not aware of various government incentive schemes as well as lack the knowledge of exports and are mainly dependent on CHAs for their exports. Slide 21 Contd INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT (ICD) ICD services are not up to the mark there are delays in sending of consignments. Hence exporters prefer sending directly to the ports at Gujarat and Mumbai. COLLATION OF IMPORT EXPORT DATA There is no agency to collate import export data hence it is difficult to actually analyze the volume of total import and export from the state of M.P. The data available with the ICDs is insufficient. INSUFFICIENT INFRASTRUCTURE IN INDUSTRIAL ZONES No proper infrastructure is available in the industrial zones. Road conditions are very poor, No proper drainage system available due to which the units are flooded with water heavy water logging during rainy season resulting huge losses to the industries. Slide 22 Contd OPENING UP OF FOOD PARKS AT INDORE In view of largest production in the Malwa and Nimad region of spices Government must consider opening up of Food park at Indore. MULTI-STORY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX State Government should permit construction of multi story buildings under the Industrial Zones for promoting small scale industries viz; Readymade garments, packaging, pharmaceuticals & engineering units which require smaller space. STAMP DUTY ON MORTGAGE OF PROPERTY FOR LOANS Stamp duty of 1.5% on mortgage of property for bank loans is very high in M P in compare to other states that are following slab wise structure. As such Government must consider this issue and make it at par with other states. Slide 23 THANK YOU Slide 24 Widescreen Presentation This template is formatted with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Its a great way to take advantage of laptops, televisions and projectors equipped with widescreen displays. Even if you do not have a widescreen display, you can still create and present 16:9 slides. PowerPoints Slide Show always resizes your slides to fit any screen. Slide 25 Widescreen Advantages Side by side material fits more naturally. Widescreen adds drama to graphics and images. Slide 26 Widescreen Graphics Even a single graphic, such as a chart, can be presented more dramatically in widescreen. Slide 27 Pictures can also be presented more dramatically in widescreen. Widescreen Pictures Slide 28 Creating 16:9 Presentations Important: Always start with your slide size set to the aspect ratio you intend to use. If you change the slide size after youve created some slides, your pictures and other graphics will be resized. This could potentially distort their appearance. To setup a widescreen presentation, do one of the following: Start with this template. Simply delete the example slides and add your own content. Or, go to the Design tab and open the Page Setup Dialog. Click the Slide Size dropdown and pick On-screen Show (16:9) (Note: we also support 16:10, which is a common widescreen laptop resolution. ) Slide 29 Slide Show Tips To present in true widescreen, youll need a computer and, optionally, a projector or flat panel that can output widescreen resolutions. Common computer widescreen resolutions are 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900. (These are 16:10 aspect ratio, but will work well with 16:9 projectors and screens.) Standard high definition televisions resolutions are1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080. Use the Test Pattern on the next slide to verify your slide show settings. Slide 30 Widescreen Test Pattern (16:9) Aspect Ratio Test (Should appear circular) 16x9 4x3