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Transcript of Live Webinar: Sponsored InMail Demo + Best Practices

1. Irina Skripnik Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Amanda Halle Senior Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Live Demo Cracking the Code on LinkedIn Sponsored InMail 2. 2 How to Engage with Us Got a question? Submit it in the Webex Q&A box Recorded? Of course! Feedback? Survey will be available at the end of the Webinar Follow us: Twitter: @LinkedInMktg LinkedIn 3. 3 Agenda for Todays Webinar Why marketing on LinkedIn? Sponsored InMail intro and product demo Best practices for driving leads with Sponsored InMail Q&A 4. 4 Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful LinkedIns mission 5. 5 Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals LinkedIn Marketing Solutions mission Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals 6. * 2015 member number as of June, 2014 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 32M 364M+ 7. 7 Drive more effective marketing More business decision makers than comparable business sites Higher buying power index vs. comparable business and social sites 8. Deliver valuable content in the most personal way possible on LinkedIn right to our members Inboxes 8 Sponsored InMail 9. Introduction to Sponsored InMail 10. 10 Sponsored InMail: Targeted and personalized message delivered to the most engaged professional audience 2009 11. Sponsored InMail: Targeted and personalized message delivered to the most engaged professional audience Raise brand awareness Drive Quality Leads Build Customer Relationships 12. Real-time delivery: Sponsored InMail messages are delivered only when members are on LinkedIn Design optimized for mobile: Sticky call to action button remain on top of content while user scrolls Simplified desktop design Purpose-built to improve performance with clear calls to action, top banner position, prominent top sender position The Next Generation Sponsored InMail 13. 13 Deliver valuable content to the most personal of LinkedIn channels our members Inbox Reach only active members 100% deliverability Engage your audience on desktop and mobile Personalize your content 14. Use Cases for Sponsored InMail 14 15. Leverage your marketing content to reach your most engaged target audience on LinkedIn Expand your reach and market penetration 100% Deliverability with real-time delivery Professional mindset & uncluttered inbox with strict frequency caps Mobile-optimized message expands your reach to mobile-only users Flexibility to personalize your message to come from an individual or a company 16. Sponsored InMail Product Demo Lets start with the member experience 17. 17 18. 18 19. 19 20. 20 21. 21 22. 22 23. 23 24. 24 25. 25 26. 26 Reach your target audience where they engage most 27. Now lets focus on your experience 28. 28 Your Account Team 100% LinkedIn Ad Operations Managed Campaigns 29. Company Industry Size Degree Field of Study Schools Geo Groups Standardized job titles SeniorityFunction Skills Your Target Audience Age 30. Who would you like to reach? Available Targeting Facets Company Name, Industry, Size Job Title, Function, Seniority Member Skills Schools, Degree, Field of Study Groups Gender & Age 31. Sponsored InMail Components (See Submission Form) Message Customized salutation Body text (up to 500 characters) Up to (1) body link (1) URL for Banner/Button 300x250 Image Banner (jpeg/gif) Formatting of the CTA cannot be changed. Custom legal text (when applicable) Inbox From: Logo/Photo From: Company/Person Subject & description 32. Best Practice Tips 33. 33 1 Use targeting on LinkedIn to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time 34. 34 Your audience should be at the center of your content Dont overtarget seniority if your message is not intended for C-Suite audience Avoid hypertargeting, it may work against your campaign performnace if the message is too general Tailor the message to ensure relevance with your target audience Personalize your message for your audience so the recipients can relate to the contnet 35. 35 Use Case: Content Distribution Goal: Lead Gen Performance benchmarks: Open Rate 51% | CTR: 16% Why this worked: 1. Content is relevant to the target audience 2. Well written message thats easy to read 3. CTA with clear value for the member 36. 36 Use Case: Content Distribution Goal: Lead Gen Performance benchmarks: Open Rate 32% | CTR: 10% Why this worked: 1. Content is relevant to the target audience 2. Clear, tangible member benefit 3. Engaging sneak-peek graphic banner 37. 37 2 Create a compelling inbox preview to drive opens 38. Consider the context of your message and the members experience 38 Your Campaigns Impact Starts with the Preview Sender Company vs. individual member Subject Line Short, impactful subject lines lead to higher opens. Description The description adds more detail to your subject line. 39. 39 Tips for boosting open rates Limit the subject & description lines to 3-8 words Include a clear call to action or benefit in the subject Content, context and call to action determines whether sender is company or an individual Inbox preview should be consistent with the message and landing page 40. Inviting subject line and personal message drives high quality registrants for an exec event Use Case: Event Invitation Goal: Registrants Performance: Open Rate 51% | CTR: 21% Why this worked: 1. Personal invitation that feels genuine and mentions the sender in the first person 2. Attention grabbing subject line with a supporting description 3. Consistent message with clear member benefit 1 2 3 41. 41 Well over 97% of our members are on LinkedIn and use it to network, so it made sense that we could seek potential new members on LinkedIn Use Case: Membership Growth/Community Goal: Brand Awareness Performance: Open Rate 45% | CTR: 5% Why this works: 1. Clear member benefit: helping YOU advancing your career 2. Description provides additional context 3. Message coming from a company sets clear expectations 1 2 3 42. 42 3 Develop personalized content that will resonate with your audience 43. 43 Create Member Value and Drive Leads You need to GIVE value to GET value. Focus the message on the member benefit not the company/product. Create a sense of urgency. Use the last sentence to segway into your call to action. Tailor the message to ensure relevance, the member needs to understand why they are receving this message and why its relevant Include a clear call to action and align it to the context of your message. Keep it short, under 1,200 characters. Read your message out loud and see if it feels too long. Does it hold up interest? 44. 44 Adopt these best practices to craft compelling LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns. 45. 46 4 Optimize your content for mobile engagement 46. 47 On Average 30-40% of Opens Happen on Mobile Keep the message short and concise to avoid overwhelming the member with content (under 1200 characters) Include a clickable link in the message body helps to get a higher CTR on mobile Avoid using too much formatting and spacing. Plain text and up to 3 bullets works best Make sure your landing page is mobile responsive and build your form to only capture information you need 47. Use Case: Networking invitation Goal: Lead Gen Performance: Open Rate 45% | CTR: 5% Why this works: Clear call to action body link Limited formatting for easy reading Short but clear and actionable subject 48. 49 5 Create a simple landing page with a clear path to conversion 49. 50 Once the member clicks on your message, delight them with an experience on your website that will convert Keep the message on your landing page consistent with your Sponsored InMail. Design the landing page with clear focus on where the the user should take action Create a seamless experience, have more on your page than just a lead form. Consolidate form fields to only the ones required Use unique tracking codes in the URL to measure lead generation results 50. Top 3 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Campaigns Amanda Halle, Senior Marketing Manager at LinkedIn 51. 52 Highly targeted Sponsored InMail drives the strongest results Held Webinar with Dell Dells Secret to Successful Sponsored Updates Email registrations was low 361 registrations were generated using email Needed to boost registrations for event we usually see 700-1000 registrants Promoted to Marketers in the Technology vertical Targeting criteria: Title: Marketing Manager + Vertical: Technology Company Size: 200 employees + 52. 53 Sponsored InMail Performance 53. 54 Sponsored InMail Drove 47% of Registrations to the Webinar 54. Sponsored InMail is great tool for A/B Testing Campaign: Webinar Harnessing the Power of the Full Funnel in April 2015 Promoted via email, Sponsored updates, blog and social media Sponsored InMail was scheduled as an additional promotion for the webinar Sponsored InMail Campaign A/B Test the sender of the email Hypothesis: Sends from a person will drive more registrations then from a company 55. Results: Sending from a Company drives more registrations 47.85% Open Rate 3.86% CTR 39.29% Open Rate 7.63% CTR 56. Sponsored InMail is a great way to expand the reach of your campaigns Campaign: FinanceConnect Live Event May 7, 2015 Promoting the streaming version to prospects/customers unable to attend the live event Email was the primary channel for promotion Challenge: List fatigue, the segment had been targeted via email too many times that month Solution: Sponsored InMail to new prospects not in our email database 57. InMail is a great way to expand the reach of your campaigns drove 25% additional registrations to the event 24