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Sheet2SalutationsHello Jane Doe,Hello Jane,Jane Doe,Jane,Do not include a salutationRecommendation widget placementNoYes, under media and CTAYes, below message text boxMedia and CTA placementLeft railRight railCTA placementBelow all textMiddle of text (indicate placement in Message Body section above)Underbar colorsNo underbarBlue underbarGreen underbarOrange underbarLinkedIn Recruiter Corporate_1441LinkedIn Talent Finder_3437LinkedIn Talent Connect_468936Use Creative SizePlease SelectYesNo


Sponsored InMail Submission Form Please submit the form at least 5 business days prior to launch date

MESSAGE PREVIEWSuggested Character CountCharacter Count

Sender (please choose from drop down)Sender Name (If the sender is a member the first and last name are required)Enter here25 characters max10

Subject LineEnter here60 characters max10Sender Image:Enter link to LinkedIn company page or member's profile here*Note: Character counts may vary by device and user settings. Character counts are suggested for optimal member experience(Sender picture will be pulled in from profile/company page)


Enter Custom Salutation (ex. Hi, Hello, Dear)Salutation Method (please choose from drop down)*Please include image file with submission form Message body character recommendation is 1,500 characters including spaces

Press "Alt" + "Return" together to drop down to the next line. This will allow you to move to the next line

Sponsored InMail Best Practice Tips: 1. You need to GIVE value to GET value. Focus the message on the member benefit not the company/product2. Tailor the message to ensure relevance, the member needs to understand why they are receiving this message and why its relevant3. Include a clear call to action and align it to the context of your message4. Keep the message conversational and genuine5. Add a maximum of 3 clickable links to the message body to help yield a higher CTR on mobile. The maximum length of the hyperlinked text is 70 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

CTA Button Text Here**20 characters max*If no banner is provided another ad will appear in its place. Can only accept static JPG, PNG or GIF files.

MESSAGE TRACKINGUse this column to enter the required details per ItemPlease Fill in Incomplete SectionsLinkedIn Company Page Link:Enter Company Page link hereSender NameSection Incomplete Button and Banner URLEnter CTA URL hereSubject LineSection IncompleteBody Copy Text Link (1 max)Enter body copy text to be linked hereEnter body copy text link URL here Sender Image Section IncompleteSender Image LinkSection IncompleteCUSTOM DISCLAIMER (when applicable) - Maximum 2500 Characters, including spaces and punctuationSalutationSection IncompleteSalutation MethodSection IncompleteButton TextSection IncompleteCompany Page LinkSection IncompleteCompany Contact Information **Required for any InMail with Canada included in the geo target**Banner & Button URLSection IncompleteCompany Name: Seed ListSection IncompleteAddress: Telephone Number:

TEST: please provide LinkedIn profile URL for test recipientsMember Profile NameProfile URLMember 1Member 2Member 3Member 4Member 5

Sheet1ColourBlueGreenOrangeSalutationsFirstName/ LastNameFirst NameDo not include a salutation

InMail ExamplesCheck out our best practices guide:Sponsored InMail Best Practices Guide

Sponsored InMail on mobile example (iOS)

https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/marketing-solutions/products/pdfs/Sponsored-InMail-Best-Practices-&-Gallery-of-Examples-11-8.pdfSheet3Sender (please choose from drop down)Company LogoMember Picture