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Lets Talk Sound

BGF2013Presented by: Daniel InnLets Talk SoundX-Life StudiosDaniel InnFounder Project ManagerChris AlbertCo FounderSound Effect Artist

X-Life Studios

Custom Made sound creationOver 50 mio listeners in current games

3Case Study: Diamond DashPreparing The ProjectGet The Job Done Right

Project ManagementLearn OrganizationLearn Communication

X-Life StudiosX-Life StudiosProject ManagementOrganizationCommunicationI hear a lot of complains from other studios that the work with externals dont go as planned. You are not sitting in the same room and that brings some problems in the workflow. You are just not in the team, even you are part of a team. You cannot just walk 5 meters to your colleage and ask a question. Ist just different. Maybe you are working with a company who sits in a different time area? It starts with communication and delivering information into the worst part of being not in time etc. And in the worst case each side will blame the other side. How can we change the Situation and make working togetehr as smooth as it could get. This is what this session is about.First of all: Start with yourself! Have an internal workflow ready that works for you. Then develop a workflow for you and production team. Check if the other side has a PMS they like to work with. If not then wouldnt it be great to tell them thatyou can lead the PMS and you have a great system which works well? 5X-Life StudiosProject ManagementOrganizationInternalExternalI do seperate our organization into Internal and External organisation. Internal means our workflow in the studio. External is where the client comes into play with us. Work efficiency(internal) plus customer care (external)6X-Life StudiosInternalOrganisationFolder ManagementLabeling ManagmentWorking ManagementLets take a closer look at the internal organisation7X-Life StudiosInternalOrganisationExplosionExplosion_FinalExplosion_real final

Explosion really real final

Very often I see this. You might label your files like this. But there might come an iteration sound asking for another explosion variation8X-Life StudiosInternalOrganisationExplosion2Explosion2_FinalExplosion2_real final

Explosion2 really real final

So you say ok like this. And maybe you are overwriting your session and you cannot go back to your previous version? Or you have to look an awful long time to see which of the 100 autobackups is the irght one?9X-Life StudiosInternalOrganisationLets go with Explosion Final with a mix of explosion2 real final, could we?And then the client says:10X-Life Studios

First you get angry because you worked hard for the variations but then11X-Life Studios

You get worried, because you have the first version but overwritten the session so the original files are gone. Plus, for future work, you wont know which of the finals you used. What can we do to avoid this Situation12X-Life StudiosExternal ManagementOrganizationCommunicationWhy is communication with each other so important? Because it helps to maximize workflow progress. Saves time and saves stress. 13Different implementation for mobile and browserWAV Mp3OGGIMA4AACHE-AACALACX-Life StudiosAudio FormatFilesizeRecording Quality96 kHz24bitMonoStereoBrowserAppDVDBlurayIf you believe it or not: If you choose the right company, they will have extended knowlegde in their field plus some experience in mastters you wouldnt think of. That saves Time and Stress.14X-Life StudiosExternal ManagementEfficient WorkflowEfficient Workflow means, less time spending on unnessary stuff, time money value is higher, less stress. Think about yourself. If you would like to get something done by a professional you want him to do their job like a professional. No matter if friend or not.15X-Life StudiosExternal ManagementProject StatusWork StatusScheduleServer, Google Docs, Dropbox, Skype

16X-Life StudiosCase Study Diamond DashX-Life StudiosX-Life StudiosSupport GameplayUnique Listening ExperienceEmotional MotivationSupport VisualsWhat is the goal of sound design in games?19X-Life StudiosInfluence players emotions with Sound EffectsWhat happens when you create a good sound design20Over 25 mio MAUAll time Top Ten Facebook and Mobile Game

X-Life StudiosTarget AgeGenderSoundstyle

25 45 years70%+ FemaleDiamonds / Cool / Modern Indian / ArcadeMotivation and Long-term BondingX-Life StudiosClients demandThe Aim22X-Life StudiosAnalyzing / Brainstorming / Build up a concept

PLZ TURN OFF THE SOUNDCreate MotivationCreate TensionCreate AmbitionCreate ExcitementF A I LAsk the Audience what ideas they have. Which actions to put sound in. How could it sound?23X-Life StudiosLevel StartDiamond ClickDiamonds FallGameplay Soundsperceptiblenot pushingpleasantandfillingnot annoyingfeedbackinformation

Gem CreationGem ActivationFiremodeX-Life StudiosIn a Row Soundsmelodicrisingtonescreate rush of adrenalinabortIn-a-row-sound additional incentivehighIn-a-row-soundcreate additionalFeeling of pride

In a row soundsCountdown

X-Life StudiosSpecial EventsBlack HoleColor SplashSpecial DiamondTime BoostBombMagic Cube

X-Life StudiosFlashback

Create MotivationCreate TensionCreate AmbitionCreate ExcitementY E SAsk the Audience what ideas they have. Which actions to put sound in. How could it sound?27X-Life StudiosFlashbackFlawless and stressless workflowY E SAsk the Audience what ideas they have. Which actions to put sound in. How could it sound?28Thank you for listening!Questions?X-Life Studios Inh. Daniel Inn, Jan-Christian AlbertGuentherstrasse 98b22087 HamburgGermany

www.xlifestudios.dewww.facebook.com/xlifetonstudios+49 (0)40/24 4242 991daniel@xlifestudios.de

Presentation by: Daniel Inn