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  1. 1. Captions: At the beginning of the documentary, we have included a caption that informs the audience of the interviewees name and occupation. This is good as it then conforms to the codes and conventions of a documentary. Non-diagetic sound: Throughout the documentary, we added music, the music we have included is relevant to the subject matter and this conforms to the codes and conventions of a documentary. The music is relevant as it is techno music and ringtones. Jump cuts: We have included lots of jump cuts throughout the documentary and this is an editing technique. The editing is very fast paced and continuous and also linear which is what most documentaries are, therefore, we have stuck to the codes and conventions in order to make our documentary like others. Setting: The setting for the documentary is a media room, this links to the topic of the documentary which is phones. The setting has technical equipment which makes the documentary look more professional and stand out, it also allows the documentary to have a serious meaning. The documentary has all the relevant information needed which allows the documentary to be more straightforward and to the point, this enables the audience to stay interested.
  2. 2. Throughout the documentary there are many jump cuts, however these jump cuts are too jumpy and have no transition from one shot to the next. The editing seems to be too fast which does not look very professional. There are not many types of editing used which also makes the documentary look unfinished. Our documentary included no transitions which made the documentary very basic and plain. This does not appeal to the audience as it seems to be boring and not very professional. Throughout the documentary, there are lots of unclear cuts which cut off what people are saying and their viewpoint so it does not seem to answer many of the audiences questions which kind of leaves the documentary slightly open. There is a very unfocused viewpoint due to the interviewee not seeming very interested in answering the questions. the interviewee says very irrelevant things which doesn't interest the audience and makes the documentary view point confusing. The Mise en scene throughout the documentary could be more relevant in order to look more professional and engage the audience. There is also no clear narrative structure throughout and it is very basic