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Groen Lets talk kettles. First of All, What is a Steam-Jacketed Kettle?. Steam Jacketed Kettle. Replaced the Stock Pot on the Open Range. Why Use a Kettle?. Direct Steam. Self-Contained Gas Kettles. Self-Contained Electric Kettles. Table Top Kettles. Hand Tilt. Direct Steam. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GroenLets talk kettles

First of All, What is a Steam-Jacketed Kettle?

American Society of Mechanical Engineers 2Steam Jacketed KettleReplaced the Stock Pot on the Open Range

Why Use a Kettle?

Direct Steam

Self-Contained Gas Kettles

Self-Contained Electric Kettles

Table Top KettlesCrank TiltHand TiltDirect Steam

Stationary vs. Tilting

Cooking Energy SourcePressure and TemperaturePRESSURETEMPERATURESENSIBLE HEATLATENT HEAT0 PSI212 F180 BTU970 BTU5 PSI228 F196 BTU960 BTU10 PSI240 F208 BTU950 BTU15 PSI250 F219 BTU945 BTU35 PSI281 F250 BTU924 BTU50 PSI298 F267 BTU912 BTU100 PSI338 F309 BTU880 BTUSpeed & Volume Production

SafetyEnergy EfficiencyEase of Cleaning

Low Acid Interaction

ErgonomicsSpace LimitationsKettle Sizing Chart

20Better to over size than under. Two smaller kettle can offer more versatility.

Competitive Feature Sheets