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Transcript of Lab'InSight 11-12-2012 Biomass to Energy CTA-Bioen

  • Energy for the present and the future

    Introduction of theBioenNW Project 243H

    Delivering Local Bioenergy to Northwest Europe

    Presented by: Ulrich Wirtz, Director HI GmbH

  • The BioenNW Project

    To help prepare the construction of decentralized, integrated bioenergy plants

    Classified as strategical EU project, duration five years started in 2010

    Total budget is 7,974,128.05

    14 partners from five countries:

    Universities, Companies, Research centres, Organisations, Communities

    Wallonia (BE), NRW (DE), West Midlands (UK), Eindhoven (NL), Ile-de-France (FR)

    Observers: coming out of private, political and business areas

  • The BioenNW Project Structure

    Four workpackages

    WP1: Create and operate Bioenergy support centers (BSC)

    WP2: Create and populate a decision support tool (DST)

    WP3: Demonstrate technology at a commercial scale

    WP4: Install new bioernergy schemes

  • The tasks of a BSC

    Gathering of regional data for use within a Decision Support Tool

    Provide general information about bioenergy

    Constitution of a network of regional stakeholders

    Testing service for regional biomass

    Search and identification of suitable locations for bioenergy projects

    Development of five use cases for bioenergy projects

  • The Decision Support Tool (DST)

    Webbased database Integrates data from different sources Data can be about feedstocks, technologies, market data etc. Will have a cartographic presentation for some data (GIS) A decision matrix will be included Makes an overregional comparison possible -> opens the chance for overregional


  • Information about bioenergy

    Website (relaunch in preparation) Hosting of workshops about bioenergy Publishing of relevant studies and introduction of suitable technologies Preparation of infomation materials for promoters Participation on conferences as speaker Increase awareness for bioenergy via promoters Free of charge consulting service for stakeholders

  • Regional stakeholders

  • Testing service for regional biomass During the project there will be two pyrofabs available free of charge Additional analysis of samples via project partner After the end of the project this service will be continued on a non profit base Testing service in larger quantities is possible on the demonstrator plants Publishing of all testing data only when service is used free of charge Very good scientific network for ongoing studies on the gathered results

  • Identifying locations for projects Active search of suitable locations done by the BSC by use of the DST Generate attention in media (newspapers etc. ) Cooperation on european level Integrated approach through the stakeholder network

  • Development of five use cases Four use cases on the level of a feasability study One use case down to permission planing Total value of this studies > 100.000,- EUR

  • Highlights of the BioenNW project

    Goal is delivery and not research

    Aims to combine exisisting technologies

    International cooperation

    One technology is directly available within the project

  • Technology in action Pyroformer with a troughput of 100kg per hour Located at Harper Adams University College in Newport/Telford UK More then 50 operation days and 300 working hours since January 2012 Already four different feedstocks were tested in depth Since May 2012 combined with a BAF reactor

  • Process diagramm of the technology BAF = Bio Activated Fuel Two step process Uses biomass and long chain oils Produces (bio)char, liquids, gases, heat Produces a stable, engine usuable liquid (diesel quality)

  • Tasks of HI GmbH within the BioenNW Projekt

    Core business of HI GmbH is the design and construction of lab scale plants Construction of two Pyrofabs

    mobile laboratories (20 foot container) stand-alone usable with own power supply delivers data for a mass- and energy balance of biomass approx. 5 kg per hour throughput uses the procuded liquids to generate energy

    Installation and maintenance of the demonstrator plants Constitution and operation of the German BSC Workpackage 3 Leader

  • The end

    Thank you for your attention !

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