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Description of the laboratory skills ( Lab'InSight Gestion des âges en entreprise 22/04/2013)

Transcript of EGID -ULg - Lab'InSight Gestion des ¢ges en entreprise

  • 1. 1 Etudes sur le genre et la diversit en gestion (EGiD) HEC ULg, LIEGE Annie CORNET Professeure ordinaire LabInsight LA GESTION DES GES EN ENTREPRISE Gembloux, le 22 avril 2013

2. 2 Annie Cornet Sociologist; Master (3d degree in management); Thesis in management (business school of university of Lige in 1998) BPR (organizational change reengineering); Teacher in Hec Montral 2000-2001; Visiting teacher in entrepreneurship in Simmons business school Boston march - june 2012. Gembloux 22 avril 2013 3. 3 EGiD- History Created in 2001 (return of Hec Montreal); Begining of diversity management in Europe: Nobody in this subject in french management school (Belgium, France, Switzerland); Gender issues in business and intersectionnality; Diversity management so HRM policies / work organization (discrimination but also business case). Gembloux 22 avril 2013 4. Researches 4 Gembloux 22 avril 2013 Researches / action researches for UE, politic administration (federal, regional, local); Consultancy for firms or public administration; Doctorate students; Chair (financed by firms GDF-SUEZ (energy) / SNCB (railways), Mobistar (telecommunications) on diversity and social innovation. 5. 5 Diversity management policies in public and private firms Gembloux 22 avril 2013 Governemental project (regional level) with an ONG working with foreigner people / trade unions / public agency for employment Actions to sensitive firms to make some actions for diversity (conferences, etc.); Manuel on diversity management: best practises (2 ed.); Concept management book (Dunod): why (action logics) / for who / how / dilemmas); A case book (for the end of 2012). 6. 6 Diversity management policies in public and private firms Gembloux 22 avril 2013 - Chair on diversity and social innovations 3 firms Gender issues; Integration for cultural/ ethnic workforce with low level of qualification; Doctorate student : Meidhi Kherroubi. 7. 7 Gembloux 22 avril 2013 - Partnership with an flemish university (Hasselt) / P. Zanoni (critical studies): Divex - (english) sub-group on gender and diversity management (2 years) meeting with researchers in diversity management (Flanders - dutch part of Belgium, Nederland, Germany) 8. 8 Diversity management links with France Gembloux 22 avril 2013 AGRH (french) sub-group on gender and diversity management (5 years) meeting with researchers in French business school who worked on these subjects; AFMD (Association of diversity managers): One group about diversity management in social relations Chair Diversity in Dauphine (Paris) with J.F. Chanlat and Mustafa Ozbilgin (University of London). 9. Women entrepreneurship Profile of the women entrepreneurship in Wallonia (french part of belgium) / quantitative qualitative); Network; Training (on-line course UE project); Facebook use in business; Gembloux 22 avril 2013 9 10. Worklife balance in UE countries; Thesis: Christina Constantidinidis: Gender analysis of women entrepreneurship (cf Ahl) 2011; Salman Noura: women entrepreneurship in Marocco - in progress. Gembloux 22 avril 2013 10 11. Women workforce Network of women in management position; Women housewifes : why, what they are doing (new competencies), return to work; Women in management position; Gender diversity / mixity; Doctoral thesis: Franoise Grodent (in progress): Men and women managers: comparison of career management between generation (baby- boomer, X, Y); Sonja Hajjar: position of women senior accountant in lebanese firms. Gembloux 22 avril 2013 11 12. Gendered public policies Genderbudgeting; Gendermaintreaming: Manuel for political people and administration employees; Training. President / member, since 8 years, of a regional consultative council about equality between men and women for regional governement. Gembloux 22 avril 2013 12 13. Corporate social responsability Linked with diversity management: social policies; Implication and partnership with stakeholders in certification context; Doctoral thesis: Manal El Abboubi (2010). 13 14. Age management Phoenix and Generation + projects: UE; Position of seniors in firms low rate of employment in Belgium / highest rate of discrimination in recruitment; Sensibilize firms in age management and senior retention (conferences, etc.); Manuel of good practises (end 2012); Generation C (