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Description of the laboratory skills (Lab'InSight Biomass to Energy 11/12/2012)

Transcript of Research institute for energy - UMons - Lab'InSight Biomass to Energy

  • 1. 1 Research Institute for Energy Universit de Mons Prof. Anne-Lise Hantson Associate Professor LabInSight Biomass to Energy - CTA, December 11th 2012

2. Fields of Expertise Biofuels production using microalgae (from microalgae characterization to process design) Combustion and related equipment Carbon capture and storage Gas treatment by adsorption, absorption or catalytic oxidation Industrial application fields Cement factories, Glass producers, Power Plants, Steel industry Biofuels producers 2 FIELDS OF EXPERTISE AND INDUSTRIAL TARGETS Stre December 11th 2012 3. 3 PHOTOBIOREACTOR OPTIMAZATION FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MICROALGAE TO CAPTURE CO2 AND PRODUCE BIODIESEL Stre December 11th 2012 Microalgal strain selection in relation with the objectives Optimization of medium and culture conditions to increase biomass productivity and/or lipids storage Biochemical characterization of the biomass: lipids, proteins, saccharides, pigments, quantification PBR design to optimize light and nutriments distribution Scale up to laboratory and industrial pilot AGICAL and AGICAL+ Projects in collaboration with AGC, Carmeuse, ULg and Meurice 4. Flameless combustion applied to syngas = New technology for high combustion efficiency and low pollutant emissions Laboratory scale furnace fully instrumented with industrial design (Gas power 30kW) Fuel composition can be chosen ex: Wood gas (16% H2, 21% CO, 12% CO2, 50% N2) Air preheating till 1000C Objective: Evolution with alternative fuels of: - the combustion efficiency - the NO and CO emissions in flue gas validation of the numerical simulation rules of design for industrial furnaces and 4 EXAMPLE OF PROJECT IN THE COMBUSTION UNIT: AIE Combustion alterne Stre December 11th 2012 Preheated air Fuel 5. 5 UNIT OPERATIONS & TREATMENT OF INDUSTRIAL FLUE GAS Stre December 11th 2012 Study of the post-combustion CO2 capture by absorption into amines based solvents: application to cement flue gas SOx and NOx absorption based removal into acidic conditions for the flue gas treatment in oxy-fuel combustion Treatment of VOC-containing flue gas by regenerative absorption in heavy solvents New materials for catalytic oxidation of VOCs Selective capture of H2S and CO2 for biogas purification H2S removal for geothermal applications Collaborators: HOLCIM, Air Liquide, ADEME, Munters, 6. 6 SERVICES PROVIDED TO COMPANIES Study of specific microalgal culture in function of flue gas and objectives (CO2 capture or biofuels production) Development of PBR (flat) process and optimization Biochemical characterization of the biomass Development and enhancement of new processes Characterization of gas burner performances Scientific support and expertise General studies for public policy Demonstration projects Stre December 11th 2012 7. Portrait 7 LABORATORY CONTACT INFORMATION Prof. Anne-Lise Hantson Associate Professor - Phone : +32 65 37 44 19 Universit de Mons Research Institute for Energy Rue de lEpargne, 56, 7000 Mons ult.aspx$ Stre December 11th 2012 Combustion Delphine LUPANT, assistant professor Thermal Engineering & Combustion Department Flue gas treatment / CO2 capture Diane THOMAS, Professor, Chemical Engineering Department