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Transcript of KBA Rapida 105 PRO - Willkommen | Koenig & Bauer · PDF fileKBA Rapida 105 PRO...

  • KBA Rapida 105 PRO

    KBA-Sheetfed Solutions

    Best in class

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    The KBA Insight App offers you a front row seat, thanks to the fascinating world of augmented reality!Wherever you see the Insight symbol, you can use the camera of your mobile device to access exclusive content, additional information, explanatory images and videos. All just three simple steps away:

    1. Download the free app 2. Scan a page with the symbol

    3. Experience the Rapida 105 PRO

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    KBA Rapida 105 PROReady for the future with even higher productivity

    Whether for commercial printing, packaging or labels unconditional technology transfer from the makeready world champion press Rapida 106 positions the KBA Rapida 105 PRO firmly in the upper performance segment. The new medium-format generation offers fascinating prospects for the development of additional markets and new fields of business. And its stunning flexibility translates into practically universal suitability.

    Numerous automation components stand for preset capabilities at the highest level. Both commercial and packaging printers will be delighted. KBA Rapida 105 PRO offers a tailored solution for every application. With non-stop systems for the DriveTronic feeder and AirTronic delivery, where necessary integrated into a fully automatic logistics system, the press shines as a depend-able and never-tiring long-distance runner. On top of that, the double-coating technology opens up a sheer endless spectrum of possibilities for inline finishing.

    Rapida 105 PRO best in classDriveTronic feeder with a centre suction beltNew gripper systemsOptimised inking unitsVenturi sheet guiding KBA VariDry dryer technologyFurther extended automationAirTronic delivery

    Look forward to significantly enhanced flexibility and automation! Look forward to the KBA Rapida 105 PRO!


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    Feeder and infeed

    + Video: DriveTronic feeder in action

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    DriveTronic feeder Perfect pile management

    The DriveTronic technology is unique in the world. With the DriveTronic feeder, numerous preset values defined for format and air settings can be called up and applied automatically. The presetting data are sent directly from the ErgoTronic console to the digital controllers on the press by way of the job changeover program JobAccess. The whole makeready process on the feeder runs parallel to all other makeready functions. The Rapida 105 PRO thus incorporates the exact same technology as the Rapida 106.

    DriveTronic feederHigh-performance feeder head with simple handling Feeder motions controlled via 4 servo motors Continuous, stepless pile lifting with automatic speed compensation (paper/board)Automatic, speed-compensated air settingsAntistatic rear-edge separating airAutomatic format setting Automatic pile side edge alignment Front-edge pile height sensing with automatic compensation of the feeder head height Skew-sheet correction at the feeder head during productionQuick-start function

    Suction-belt feed tableCentre suction belt without roller armElectronically controlled sheet deceleration4 suction chambers with individual vacuum regulation

    Vacuum side lay Marking-free alignment processMulti-chamber vacuum system to permit matching to different substratesIncluded in automatic format setting

    Infeed100% preset capabilityRemote-controlled parallel and skew adjustment of the feed lineRemote-controlled adjustment of the front lay cover heightTouchscreen display with direct function keys for reliable and intuitive press operation

    Sheet monitoringUltrasonic double-sheet detector, also for inhomogeneous materialsMultiple-sheet detector Optical skew-sheet and side lay sensors Optical front lay sensors with electropneumatic overshoot blocking Mechanical crash bar

    Non-stop operation at the feederFully automatic non-stop feeder with rake system in conjunction with KBA PileTronicNon-stop system with individual rods for uninterrupted production during pile changesPile insertion and removal possible from all three sides

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    Thanks to consistent implementation of the platform concept, the Rapida 105 PRO reaps the benefits of technology transfer from the Rapida 106 and now possesses an identical high-performance perfecting unit. The fully automatic perfecting facility is characterised by its safe and simple handling and shortened makeready times.

    The whole package of the Rapida 105 PRO, with its automation components and CleanTronic washing systems, is geared to enhanced efficiency and profitable operation.

    Perfecting redefinedRapida 106 inside

  • KBA Rapida 105 PRO | 7

    Sheet travelGentle, air-cushioned sheet travel with blower systems and Venturi guide plates Automatic setting of the substrate thicknessRemovable sheet guide plates

    Universal gripper systemNo adjustments required to accommodate changes in substrate thickness Coated gripper tips and structured gripper pads for maximum holding forceGripper pads and tips can be replaced individuallyIncreased gripper shaft diameter

    Register settingRemote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal registerDiagonal register achieved by tilting the transfer drumsErgoTronic ACR for automatic and exact register checking and correction

    PerfectingProven three-drum configuration for exact perfecting register Special perfecting drum gripper system handling a broad substrate rangeFully automatic conversion between straight and perfecting mode in approx. 2 minutesTwisting suckers spread the rear edge of the sheet tight on the storage drum

    Sheet guiding after perfectingKBA Jackets on the impression cylinders Anti-marking coat on the drum shells Venturi sheet guide plates Air settings made at the ErgoTronic console can be saved and recalled for repeat jobs Sheet travel sensorVideo system to observe sheet travel in the delivery

    Available perfecting configurationsAll variants (without coating) up to 10 printing units Special configurations upon request

    + Animation: Fully automatic perfecting unit in detail

  • 8 | KBA Rapida 105 PRO8 | KBA Rapida 105 PRO

    Inking unit with DriveTronic technologyDedicated drives for independent makeready

    The Rapida 105 PRO is now available with DriveTronic SRW (Simultaneous Roller Wash). The feature to disengage unused inking units is here augmented with a DriveTronic drive. Roller washing can then be performed as a completely independent process, and naturally also parallel to other makeready processes. If the unit concerned is not required for the current job, the corres-ponding makeready can even be realised during on-going production. Where frequent ink changes are required, this enables an optimum reduction of makeready time.

    DriveTronic SRW (Simultaneous Roller Wash) Inking unit incorporating dedicated drive technologyRoller washing parallel to other make-ready processes (except plate change)Independent roller washing, also during productionExtreme makeready savings

    ColorTronic ink ductInk-repellent coating EasyCleanMakeready shortened by up to 50%Ink keys with carbide blades and ceramic-coated ink duct rollerRemote control of the ink keysWear-free ink metering ensures accu-rately reproducible settingsInk duct roller speed compensated to the press speed

    Inking unitFaster-reacting inking unit Remote setting of vibrator frequency and blocking from the control consoleInk train separation with impression-off Automatic adjustment of the oscillation timing from the control consoleInk forme roller oscillation Inking unit temperature control for duct roller and oscillating distributorsIndividual engaging/disengaging of inking units from the console for reduced roller wear and minimised makeready timesSimultaneous washing of blanket and ink rollers

    Dampening unitNew, speed-compensated Varidamp film-type dampening unit for a stable ink-water balance Skewing of the dampening duct roller to adapt dampening solution distribution across the press widthDifferential drive to eliminate hickeys, activated from the control console during production

  • KBA Rapida 105 PRO | 9

    Inking unit

  • 10 | KBA Rapida 105 PRO

    Plate change

    + Fully automatic plate change FAPC in less than 3 minutes

  • KBA Rapida 105 PRO | 11

    Circumferential register

    Lateral register

    Diagonal register (tilting of the transfer drum)

    By catering for individual job structures and press manning practices, the Rapida 105 PRO also leaves no wish unanswered when it comes to makeready savings at job changeover. Between a convenient manual variant and fully automatic plate change the choice is yours. And even with the simplest solution, the Rapida 105 PRO provides for fast and precise positioning of the plate on the cylinder.

    SAPC (Semi Automatic Plate Change)Automated plate change

    Pneumatic opening and closing of the plate cylinder guardAutomatic rotation to the change positionsAutomatic clamping and tensioning of the plateDivided rear plate clamps

    FAPC (Fully Automatic Plate Change)Fully automatic plate change

    Automatic plate change on the whole press after program start at the control console Parallel changing in several printing units, completed in 3 cycles New, optimised change process with change time of 2.8 minutes, including register zeroingDivided rear plate clamps

    Register settingRemote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal registerDiagonal register achieved by tilting the transfer drums

    Diversity of plate changing choiceA solution to match every need

  • 12 | KBA Rapida 105 PRO+ Animation: Efficient washing p