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Kathy Humpherys. Multi-Million Dollar Earner Built teams of over 75,000 Co-created multiple 6 & 7 figure earners Member of the Field Advisory Board 2003 & 2006 Recognized in Success from Home Magazine “No Experience to Millionaire” 7 Figure Income Earner Top Executive Builder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kathy HumpherysMulti-Million Dollar EarnerBuilt teams of over 75,000Co-created multiple 6 & 7 figure earnersMember of the Field Advisory Board 2003 & 2006Recognized in Success from Home MagazineNo Experience to Millionaire7 Figure Income EarnerTop Executive BuilderOutstanding Woman of the Year AwardNetwork Marketing Trainer, Coach, & Mentor

Ron WilliamsFounder & CEO

Global from the Get GoDr. Becky MaesBoard Certified GastroenterologistAmerican Board of Internal MedicineNationally Recognized Expert On treatment ofDegenerative & Inflammatory DiseaseNutritional DeficiencyCellular DamageInternationally Recognized Author & SpeakerDevoted to healing the body & mind through natural therapies



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