Informal Terminologies

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the presentation is used for teaching informal languages common to Filipino

Transcript of Informal Terminologies

  • 1. Vd1eDistinguish amongcolloquial language,familiar and slang

2. Colloquial refers to the level language that is used ineveryday speech. This presents a moderate tone, not so much informal or formal.This is the level used in ordinary conversations. This is the levelused in speaking with classmates, teachers, visitors, etc.Familiar is a level of language that reflects the closerelationship of the people speaking. This intimacy is observed in the use of details and personalreferences in speech. The authority that a speaker may have onothers may also be observed in familiar language. This is the levelused when speaking with people who are close to us. 3. COLLOQUIAL FAMILIARfriend chum, pal, bro, sis, buddyeat Pig out, stuff oneself with,wolfPurchase, buy Grab, score, get hold ofFather, mother Dad, mumclassmate Mateweak vegetableboy lad 4. SLANG a type of language thatconsists of words andphrases that are regardedas very informal, are morecommon in speech thanwriting, and are typicallyrestricted to a particularcontext or group ofpeople.COLLOQUIAL SLANGexcitement funstereo boom boxwork, occupation biz, gameyoung rabbit bunnyuseless smokeeye peepergive me that gimmie thatdirty piggay faggot you got cha 5. Colloquial Terms Filipino Slang TermsTake a bath GoliLet us go Goletstough Astigcigarette Yosicousin Sampitspoiled brats Jeproksbald BokalFilipino Pinoyugly Ngetpa, 6. Colloquial Terms Filipino Slang TermsNope, no DihinsWell-dressed Japormsbutt wetpuWhat happened to you? Anong nakain mo? (Whathave you eaten?)Woman, lady, girl Bebotelegant BongaciousHandsome guy Boyletbrother Brad, bro, dude, manElectricity is cut off Brown-out 7. Colloquial Terms Filipino Slang TermsCorrupt person BuwayaTwo-sided hair CachupoyUgly, no class, ill-favored ChakaYoung attractive woman Chickmoney Datungdead dedoCopy cat Gaya-gayaweak Gulay (vegetable)young bagetsold Gorang, gor 8. Colloquial Terms Filipino Slang TermsWhat!? Ha?cool HanepHow dare you?! Hayop ka!Fail to show up in anIndianappointmentShanty town Iskwater (squatter area)Knock (someone) out Itumba (to kill)Sing together JammingDo you understand? Kuha mo? (Did you get it?)Hard time to think Nose-bleedTwo-faced personality Plastic 9. Colloquial Terms Filipino Slang TermsSis tehclassy Sosyal (social-socialite)US of A, US TateLike someone Tipo (type)lesbian Tibo, T-Bird 10. Colloquial Filipino Slang TermsLittle girl NeneLittle boy TotoyDifficult, hard Toxiclike TripReally? Weh?Mix of Tagalog &TaglishEnglishNanny Yaya 11. MATCH COLUMN A TO B.WRITE ONLY THE LETTER OF YOUR CHOICE.1. pig out2. gold digger3. wetpu4. japorms5. nannyA. well-dressedB. buttC. baby sitterD. greedy personE. eatF. rich