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Transcript of Iab intro and brand planning online

  • 1. Introduction & Brand Planning Online

2. Upcoming IAB events and research
Events & Training
Mobile Planning Seminar 18th January 9am FREE
Research Breakfast 19th January 9am FREE
Launching a brand online Starbucks VIA Q1 2010
Students Online Q1 2010
The benefits of behavioural advertising Q1 2010
3. Brand planning online
4. Brands spending more online
5. 1,968.6mmarket in H1 2010Anincreaseof209m year-on-year10% increaseon a like-for-like basis
Source: PwC / Internet Advertising Bureau, The Advertising Association / WARC
6. The digital media mix
% share of revenues for the H1 2010
H1 2010
NB: Other includes Lead Generation and Solus E-mail
Source: PwC/ Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC
7. The display digital media mix
% share of display revenues for H1 2010
H1 2010
display total
Source: PwC / Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC
8. Video shows market beating growth
Pre/mid/post roll grown
X 5 in 2 years
Source: PwC / Internet Advertising Bureau
9. IAB estimates for industry sector shares are based on categorised net revenue from media owners provided by PwC.
Data excludes unclassified, multi-advertiser and misc figures and covers 72% of online display revenues in H1 2010.
Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC
Share of spend by Consumer Goods advertisers has grown
10. Top 20 online display advertisers
Source: Nielsen Media Research Jan Jun 2010
11. Brand = 5% in 2008
12. Brand = 12% in 2010
13. Why?
1 - The rise of large brand friendly display formats
14. 15. 16. 17. Why?
2 Increased use of online video ads
18. Online video audience
35.1 million unique viewers
6.65 billion videos viewed
561.7 million hours of video viewed
16 hours per person per month
Source: ComScore September 2010
19. Mindset influences recall
State of mind: Expectant
Attention: Higher
Ad Recall: 44%Completion: 61%
State of mind: Reflective
Attention: Lower
Ad Recall: 37%Completion: 42%
Video Clip
BASE: 4459. All exposed to advertising
20. Significance of daypart and location
State of mind: Distracted
Behaviour: Exploratory
State of mind: Attentive
Behaviour: Restricted
Willing to explore
Focused attention
21. Why?
3 Its easier to plan & buy online media
22. 23. 31,000 People at home
24. 4,000 People at work
25. UKOM demographic information
Gender & age (2+)
Household size & Income
Social grade & Acorn groups
Main shopper
Life plans new car, home improvements
26. November 2010 stats
Source: UKOM November 2010
Apr 2010:
Digital Universe 46.9m aged 2+
Active Universe 40.5m aged 2+
Average 2424 pages/user
27. Top 10 sites for reach no surprises
Source: UKOM November 2010
28. Example UKOM data
AB Women aged 45+
Source: UKOM September 2010
29. Example UKOM data
ABC1 Men earning over 50K that intend major home improvement in next 6 months
Source: UKOM September 2010