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  • 1. Information Security Assessments Requirement Study and Situation Analysis, Risk Identification, Vulnerability Scan, Data Analysis, Report & Briefing.. Copy rights reserved

2. Information Security Assessments In this rapidly evolving IT sector and our dependence on computers in all aspect of our business and the even more dependence on the internet usage, security becomes the vital key in safe guarding our data from pilferage and misuse. There are many software and hardware available in the market to protect our computers and its data but very often the user is not advised correctly from his application stand point, be it in choosing the right Hardware, Software, Networking Etc. Hence we over spend and underutilize and still have very unstable IT Infrastructure susceptible to Data Pilferage and Abuse Copy rights reserved 3. HK ITs expert consultation offers enterprises/academic/NGOs the cost effective solutions on IT end to end solutions. HK IT Solutions information security services protect your business from Data breaches, negative publicity, damaged credibility and disruption of services. We deliver world-class offerings, security knowledge and experience to provide you with comprehensive information security. SOX/ISO/COBIT/HIPAA Standards Clienteles in India / Overseas Our Expertize Copy rights reserved 4. Technology, Services, Support and Training Our offerings combine unmatched technology, services, support and training from Highly certified security experts. That means no more managing multiple vendors, no more juggling disparate services and no more worrying about the security of your data and business. With our track record of success, it means more time for your organization to focus on other operational areas, while we focus on information security excellence for you and your organization. Copy rights reserved 5. Dr. THENNARASU.E (Harsha) PhD Researcher Information Security on High End Applications Information Security Assessment & Cybercrimes investigator Member of DSCI (Data Security Council of India) Trainer Certified Ethical Hacker Overseas Auditing Experience Guest Lecturing (Universities, Colleges) Guest Speaker of Innovating for India Seminar Technical Committee Member, SIT Dr. CHANDRASEKAR UMAPATHY (PhD, IIM) OWASP Chennai Chapter Lead Sri Lanka OWASP Chapter Mentor Invited Trainer at OWASP India conference. Cloud Alliance Security Chennai Chapter Lead. Reviewer of ISACA CRISC Review Manual 2011. Cloud Security Alliance Control Matrix Co-Author ISACA Best Trainer for the Year 2011-2012 Our IT Security Specialists Mr. RAJENDRAN Certified CISP from Dept of IT Govt of India Subject matter expert & Trainer for Tamil Nadu Police academic Active member and the Treasurer of Cyber Society of India. Pursuing PhD in the area of Cyber Crime in Banks Member of Indian Society of Victimology Mr. TS. RAGHUNATHAN Certified security professional by Cisco, Cyberoam, Watch guard, etc., Practitioner Information & Network Security assessments/audits VA/PT specialist Certified Ethical Hacker 12 year experience in Information & Network Security Domains Copy rights reserved 6. IT Infrastructure Server Application Network Vulnerable Assessment/ Penetration test Data center Web Server Power Gap Analysis/Risk Assessments IT Infrastructure Assessment Audits Copy rights reserved 7. IT Managed Services Software Copy rights legal advice Network Design Data Center Design Firewall (Hardware/Software) ASC (Annual Service Contract) SAP Solutions Staff Training on Information Security Cyber crimes & Vulnerabilities / Mailing Solutions Internet Bandwidth Solutions IT Inventory Management Anti Virus & Security Software IT Outsource Virtualization (Server/Desktop) Video Conferencing (Tanburg, Polymer) Document collaborations (Share Point) Cost-effective Solutions on all IT requirement & Challenges Bulk Mailing & Bulk SMS IT Consultancy Copy rights reserved 8. 5000+ users IT Infrastructure Audited by HK IT security experts HK-Training and Audit Copy rights reserved 9. Copy rights reserved Case Study Case 1: Task: SIT has got 5000+ workstations with 7000+ users, since so many years their challenge was to keep on upgrade the internet bandwidth and incur huge expenses. Also was finding difficulties with IT policies Post Audit Benefit: Client could realize the cost saved by reducing internet upgrade, they could save 25000$ in one consultation. More than cost reduction, clients productivity increased to 100%,. SIT has awarded Technical committee member position on their board to appreciate our service Case 2: Task: Voltamp Oman Transformers manufacturer LLC has got huge setup in multiple geographical locations in Oman, facing insecurity on their CAD Designs which is billion dollar worth, also the client dont have efficient logging system and no mechanism was available to find culprits when there are cyber crimes.... Post Audit Benefit: Million $ benefit by the organization. Their CAD designing have been secured with strongest Information security design, which gave them more business security and protect from business rivals, the client is ready & prepared for ISO certifications. 10. HK Association Clientele Partners Copy rights reserved 11. Our CSR Initiative to generate revenue for NGO E-waste Collection Program for Supporting Senior Citizens Dignity Foundation In partner with Copy rights reserved 12. Thank you Copy rights reserved