History ancient china jeopardy

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Transcript of History ancient china jeopardy

  • 1.Silk RoadsPhilosophies Geography DynastiesInventions 100 100 100100100 200 200 200200 200 300 300 300300 300 400 400 400400 400 500 500 500500 500

2. Philosophy found by Lao Zi 3. What is Daoism? 4. Philosophy based onrelationships and learning 5. What is Confucianism? 6. Philosophy based on strict rulesand obedience 7. What is Legalism? 8. Philosophy that didnt fight forchange or want to be involved with government 9. What is Daoism? 10. The five Confucianistrelationships. 11. What are ruler to subject,husband to wife, father to son, older brother to younger and friend to friend? 12. The reason that China was soisolated. 13. What is geographical featureskept it cut off from the rest of the east? 14. The two major rivers in China. 15. What are the Huang He(Yellow) and Chang Jiang (Yangtze)? 16. This man-made structure was built to protect China from invaders. 17. What is The Great Wall? 18. The reason that the Huang He isimportant to the development of Chinese civilization. 19. What is the river provided fertileyellow silt to promoteagriculture? 20. Chinas climate is best comparedto this. 21. What is the United States. 22. The first Chinese dynasty. 23. What is Shang? 24. The belief that gods approve of the emperor. 25. What is the Mandate of Heaven? 26. This ruler who united China inthe Qin dynasty was a Legalist who tried to abolishConfucianism. 27. Who is Shi Huangdi? 28. The army from Shi Huangdistomb were made from thismaterial. 29. What is terra cotta? 30. The dynasty set up a bureaucracyin the government. 31. What is the Han dynasty? 32. Three items that left China to betraded with other countries. 33. What are silk, paper, jade and pottery? 34. Name two ideas that came toChina over the Silk Roads. 35. What are Buddhism, CentralAsian military tactics, and western cultural ideas ? 36. The animals that were used tocarry items over the Silk Roads. 37. What are camels? 38. The name of the idea that ideasspread from one country or group to another. 39. What is cultural diffusion? 40. The places where the Silk Roadends are 41. What are Antioch and Damascus (or the Meditteranean)? 42. Chinese language is made up of _______________ . 43. What are pictographs? 44. Agriculture was improved whenthe Chinese invented a two blade__________ . 45. What is a plow? 46. This invention replaced costlysilk and made record-keepingeasier. 47. What is a paper? 48. The Chinese kept the techniqueused to create _________ a secretfor 3000 years. 49. What is silk? 50. Ancient priests used these tocommunicate with the gods. 51. What are oracle bones?