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This is a project for a high school AP Psychology course. This is a fictionalized account of having a psychological ailment/ For questions about this blog project or its content please email the teacher, Laura Astorian: laura.astorian@cobbk12.org This is an update version!

Transcript of Having obsessive compulsive disorder

  • 1. Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder By: Alicia Burns
  • 2. What is it? Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder. People that suffer from it exhibit unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead them to carry out compulsive and repetitive actions
  • 3. Repetition and Compulsiveness The tasks above are generally not stressful. However, for a patient with obsessive compulsive disorder, the repetition can be grueling.
  • 4. Symptoms Obsessions: unpleasant, unwarranted, persistence, and repetitive thoughts. They do not make sense and these thoughts occur when trying to do or think something else (important). Compulsions: These connect with the obsessions in that they reduce anxiety associated with the obsessions. They are strong and they are repetitive.
  • 5. Examples of Thoughts These thoughts would intrude a persons thoughts while that person was thinking about something and cause anxiety.
  • 6. When to see a doctor? Everyone has their perks. Some are extremely organized or are perfectionists. However, a person becomes obsessive compulsive when their obsessions and compulsions get in the way of their lives.
  • 7. Getting in the Way of Life This young woman could be doing much more productive tasks then cleaning a faucet; she could be forming a career and family
  • 8. Causes Biology (genes and physical neural change), environment (behavior), or serotonin deficiency can cause OCD Stressful event and family history can be factors also
  • 9. Child with OCD This child may have had a parent who had OCD. For example, he r mother could have constantly washed her hands. Children follow their parents behavior. Additionally, family history is a risk factor.
  • 10. Treatment Treatment can be difficult Two types Psychotherapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Teaching healthy ways to manage Exposing to fears Medications Clomipramine (Anafranil) Fluvoxamine (Luvox) Fluoxetine (Prozac) Paroxetine (Paxil, Pexeva) Sertraline (Zoloft)
  • 11. Medication Treatments vary according to the personality of the person and their obsessions
  • 12. OCD is a complicated disorder. Also, many patients have multiple obsessions. My Accounts
  • 13. Cleanliness I always fear that I will be infected with something if I shake someones hands. or I touch something.
  • 14. Organizing If something is not in their place, it bothers me. I cant go even ten seconds without fixing it. Ill move things back in their place.
  • 15. Organizing Also, before going too bed, Ill move my glasses case until its at the perfect location with the perfect number of water drops (I wash my hands before and then sprinkle it on the glasses case).
  • 16. Organizing I check the door knob so many times. I've broken it thrice. I twist and turn the key/knob until I am satisfied.
  • 17. Sexual Images Just when I do not want them, these images intrude. They come up when I am under pressure and the situation is important.
  • 18. Aggressive Impulses Sometimes I want to shout bad words at office parties. I mouth them, but even that takes tremendous strength.
  • 19. Other thoughts Every time I drive, I am horrifically scared that I have done something wrong. In fact, once I bumped into a curb and I did not leave the site for four hours. I only left because my colleague passed by me and insisted that I leave. She knew nothing happened.
  • 20. Physical Compulsion/Com plication Under all the stress, I pull my hair very much. I am only thirty and I have a bald spot.
  • 21. Physical Compulsion/Com plication I also frequently pick at my skin. I can only wear long sleeves now. Summers are awkward times of the year for me.
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  • 23. Disclaimer This is a project for a high school AP Psychology course. This is a fictionalized account of having a psychological ailment/ For questions about this blog project or its content please email the teacher, Laura Astorian: laura.astorian@cobbk12.org