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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & MonkBy,Katie HanksPsychological basisOcdComposed of two partsThe obsessionThe compulsionAn anxiety disorder

Obsession unwanted thoughtsIdea/scenario in which the person believes that they are in some kind of danger or inflicts danger on someone else.

Compulsionrepetitive, ritualized actionsThe actions are necessary to reduce the anxiety mediaMonkMonk is a former homicide detective and is now a consultant for homicide cases for the San Francisco Police Department.He suffers from extreme OCD and has numerous phobias. He does go to therapy to help with his OCD and phobias.So much so that his personal assistant have to drive him around, do his grocery shopping, and carry wipes for him.

connectionSimilarities Like others who suffer from OCD Monk has to continually wash his hands because of a the obsessive thought of dirt and germs.People who suffer from OCD are always cleaning, checking, repeating, slowing down, and/or hoarding things.

Similarities Monk always has to clean and everything has to be symmetrical and that he will only drink certain types of water.Monk will take hours to do one simple task. Such as when he makes a sandwich everything has to be perfect or he cannot eat it and will throw away numerous sandwiches before he will eat oneSimilarities While this can make him extremely socially awkward to a point where he has to write down key note to talk about in conversations this makes him a brilliant detective and profiler. Monk does have a tendency to fixate on that one thing until it is fixed or done right, just like a person with OCD doesSimilarities Monk, just like many others who suffer from OCD, visits a psychiatrist to help with the problemDifferencesPeople who suffer from OCD tend to have only one or two specific symptoms, unlike Monk who has an array of OCD symptomsMy takeThe writers for the show did do their research, and since the shows executive producer David Hoberman suffers from OCD the show does know how that specific disorder works.While there is a big debate on weather or not the show has accurately showcased OCD, I believe that they have done a fairly accurate job. referencesThe Everything Psychology BookThe section on the OCD disorderwww.wikipedia.com after typing in MonkI used the information specific to him