Greek and Hellenistic Exploration

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Greek and Hellenistic Exploration. Jason and the Argonauts. Eumelos (ca 750 BCE) Aia Colchis Apollonius of Rhodes Kolchian Aia Golden Fleece Greek colonization in the Black Sea. Voyage of the Argonauts. Ancient Colchis. Odysseus. King of Ithaca Trojan War Hero - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Greek and Hellenistic Exploration

Greek and Hellenistic Exploration

Greek and Hellenistic Exploration1Jason and the ArgonautsEumelos (ca 750 BCE)AiaColchisApollonius of RhodesKolchian AiaGolden FleeceGreek colonization in the Black Sea2Voyage of the Argonauts

3Ancient Colchis

4OdysseusKing of IthacaTrojan War Hero10 years travel to get home (The Odyssey)

Greek, 2nd c BCE5Homeric Greece

6Minoan TradeCivilization existed from 27th c BCE- 15th BCETraded with Egypt, Middle East (Canaan), Anatolia, Spain?Manufactured and traded in bronzeEnd of Minoan dominance ca 15th ce BCE7Trade and Travel in Ancient Greece

8Mycenaean Trade

9Scylax of Caryanda (c 500 BCE)Travelled for Darius I (ca 550-485 BCE)Explore Indus river, Indian Ocean, Red Sea and MediterraneanWrote an account ca 480 BCE, now lostDeeds recorded by Herodotus (ca 484-425 BCE) and Strabo (ca 64-24 BCE)10Travels of Sylax

11Euthemenes (5thc BCE)Left from MarsaillesSouth of pillarsAlong the coast of AfricaWhere he discovered the source of the Nile!? (Well, obviously not)12Alexander (356-323 BCE)

13Victory Coin (?)

14Alexanders Empire Divided


4th c BCEMarseilles to the North (Arctic Circle)?Cadiz to the Don River?

16Megasthenes (ca 350-290 BCE)Seleucid ambassador to north-western IndiaIndica

17Hellenistic TradeMore diverse than has been thoughtSyncretism, Megasthenes HeraklesClothing