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Highlights of businesses in the Greater Owensboro area.

Transcript of Greater Owensboro Business Magazine


    Second Quarter 2013

    BusinessPRST STD.



    PERMIT #412

    Owensboro Health consortium offers local option for doctors education

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    In This Issue

    Amy JacksonPresidentGreater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce


    the Cham

    ber o

    f Com


    Happy Spring! I love the spring, and its underlying message of rebirth, growth, and energy. And thats exactly what we are celebrating in this issue, within the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce and throughout Owensboro.

    As a member-based organization, the Chamber plays a critical role in helping our members connect, communicate, collaborate, innovate and create opportunities. And we needed a space to facilitate just thatwith the remodeled Chamber space, we have a renewed energy and commitment to that mission. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide that to you stop by and see us soon.

    Another great story of rebirth, is that of the new CYLO (Connecting Young Leaders of Owensboro) group. What a joy it has been to work with the young leaders of Owensboro to set forth a new vision, a new passion and a new direction for the 40 and under crowd in our community. Im excited to see where it goes in membership, personal and professional development for our next generation of business and civic leaders.

    The undercurrent of growth and renewal abounds throughout our businesses and more. Celebrate it. Participate in it. Motivate others to do the same. Find your passion and help us keep Owensboro on the move!

    Amy JacksonPresident and CEO

    Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce

    Business First Quarter 2013

    Vol. 10 Number 2


    Partnership 4

    Consortium will offer option for doctors


    Fresh Look 6

    Chamber of Commerce office gets new

    look from Hofmann Designs

    Racing Ahead 12

    Bill Brown finds success in racing industry

    CYLO 15

    Connecting the leaders of tomorrow

    A Taste of India 18

    Basant offers something new

    Young Professional 20

    Sharla Austin-Darnell and Kevin Young

    discuss being a young professional in


    On the Move 24

    Local business leaders on the move

    in their industry and in the community

    Networking 27

    Missy Gant discusses the benefits of

    chamber membership

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    Consortium will offer local option for doctors education

    Owensbor Medical Health Systems new 9-story hospital on a 162-acre campus off Pleasant Valley Road opens in June.

    By Benjamin Hoak

    Young people growing up in Owensboro who dream of becom-

    ing doctors have always been forced to leave the community to pursue their goals. Once they graduate from medical school and

    complete a residency program, theres a better-than-even chance they will stay near their residency location to begin their practice.

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    Combine this reality with a looming physician shortage and you might start to wonder how we can ever convince young medical professionals from Owensboro to establish themselves in their hometown.

    But, there is hope on the hori-zon. What if officials in the West-ern Kentucky-Southern Indiana region could establish a four-year medical school and then leverage the resources and knowledge of local hospitals to provide residen-cies for the newly-minted doctors?

    Studies show that if an individ-ual grows up in a community, at-tends college and medical school there and then completes a resi-dency in the same area, theres an 80-85 percent chance that in-dividual will practice in the same community, providing not only much-needed medical care, but economic benefits that are sec-ond to none.

    Thats exactly the scenario be-ing set in motion by Owensboro Health in partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine-Evansville, Deaconess Health System and St. Marys Medical Center in Evansville, and Jasper Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center in Jasper, Ind.

    JAT Mountjoy, Regional Clinic Director for Owensboro Health, said these institutions have been working since last year to create a Graduate Medical Education (GME) consortium in the area. Tripp Umbach, a Pittsburgh con-sulting firm, recently finished a year-long feasibility study on the project concluding that the region is poised to do quite well with a GME, Mountjoy said.

    The plan includes two prongs. The first is expanding the IUSM-Evansville program (located on the University of Southern Indi-ana campus) from a two-year pro-gram to a four-year program that would allow students to graduate from a medical school close to home (students currently trans-fer to IU to finish medical school

    after their first two years in Evans-ville).

    The second prong involves the creation of a consortium among the four regional hospitals, which would share faculty and educa-tional resources during students residency programs, which gen-erally last three to five years. Res-idencies include rotations among areas of practice; because these institutions are strong in dif ferent areas in terms of both faculty and facilities, students could study various programs (surgery, psy-chiatry, etc.) at whichever insti-tution was strongest in that area. We could tap the intellectual capital of all the physicians of this region, Mountjoy said.

    As the second phase of plan-ning begins, a committee will de-termine the resources and needs of the region. Much accredita-tion, curriculum and faculty work lies ahead as well; Mountjoy said officials are planning for the first residents to begin their programs in 2015.

    Potential GME programs in-clude family medicine, internal medicine, OB/GYN, psychiatry and surgery.

    The program, based on a simi-lar model that has worked well in Grand Rapids, Mich., will provide the region with a couple of ben-efits in particular. First, it would use local talent to insulate against the medical staff shortages that are approaching within the next 20 years as Baby Boomers retire. We see what a great opportunity (this would be) to get folks from Kentucky Wesleyan, Brescia and Western Kentucky, Mountjoy said.

    Second, the feasibility study also indicated that each physician in this region generates an annual economic impact of $1.3 million dollars, including about $300,000 in tax revenue for the commu-nity. Each practicing doctor also expands the local workforce by several jobs as they hire an office manager, nurses, lab techs and

    billing staff.You can see where the eco-

    nomic drivers come from, Mountjoy said.

    IU officials approached Owensboro Health about the con-sortium last year, after the Uni-versity of Kentucky had also be-gun exploring a partnership with Owensboro Health that would create a family medical residency program.

    After discussing both pro-grams, Owensboro Health leader-ship decided to join the IU project to save money and not rely solely on one institution. The adminis-trative functions and costs are the same to run one program as five or six, Mountjoy said. There are a lot of synergies in this collabora-tion.

    Mountjoy said Owensboro Health is still open to a program with UK that could potentially mix and match with the IU program.

    Officials also plan to market the region as opposed to just one city, which exponentially enhances the program, Mountjoy said. Ul-timately, we all benefit in this sce-nario. Our leadership team wants to make this work for us.

    The program would use local talent to insulate against the medical staff shortages that are approaching within the next 20 years as Baby Boomers retire.

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    By Libby Johnson

    In summer 2012, as downtown revitalization got hotter each day and all of Owensboro anticipated the re-opening of Smothers Park, it became apparent to Chamber

    of Commerce President and CEO Amy Jackson that her organiza-tions headquarters needed a facelift in order to keep up with the rest of district. Ultimately, we wanted an improved member, visitor, and employer experience,

    say Jackson. For that, Jackson and her staff turned to Andria Hof-mann, local designer and owner of Hofmann Design LLC.

    The Chamber was exactly what I love to do- go in to an ex-isting space and recycling and

    Fresh look:Chamber office gets new design from Hofmann Design

    Inside the new Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce.

  • SecondQuarter2013 GreaterOwensboroBusiness 7

    repurposing existing items as well as bring in new things, so that it feels refreshed and vibrant, says Hofmann, who moved here with her Owensboro native husband in 2002 and began her business in 2007.

    On what Jackson refers to as a limited budget, Hofmann was able to take the outdated Cham-ber office and create three zones: a sitting area, a reception area, and a greeting area, which improved the flow of the space and provided a place for Chamber officials to invite members in and facilitate conversation. Weve already been able to host events like new mem-ber breakfasts, says Jackson. Us-ing a warm and welcoming color palette and by bringing in local art, as well as creating a focal rock wall that boasts a flat screen television where Chamber ads can run con-tinuously, she created a space for people to connect in a casual set-ting. Andria was so flexible, says Jackson, she listened to what we wanted to accomplish and came back with a plan that reflected those desires as well as her ideas.

    Even though we put more in the space, says Hofma