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Owensboro Parent, the FREE guide to raising a family in Owensboro, Kentucky

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    Its funny how the small things in life seem to make the biggest impact. Although most memories are attributed to major events, I feel its those moments most consider ordinary that define who we are.

    My life has been shaped by a father who never took for granted the small things. As my baseball coach, my music instructor and my spiritual mentor, my dad poured himself into everyday life. Combining all those moments into what would become a foundation for my life. And now, as I raise my children, its my hope that I can learn to make every small thing count. Every morning prayer said with Ella Grace on the way to school. Every wrestling match with Ethan while we laugh until it hurts. And with Lydia Jane, who will soon enter this world to find a dad who is set on pouring everything he has into her life. I hope this issue of Owensboro Parent, filled with ways to enjoy the small things, inspires you to make every moment count. After all, this life is fragile and tomorrow is not promised.

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    from the publisher

    june 2012

    Jacob Helwig

    Owensboro Parent would like to offer the Helwig family our deepest

    sympathy with the loss of their son, Jacob. Diagnosed at age 16 with

    Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancerous tumor that attacks the soft tissue of

    the body, Jacob was known for his faith, strength and courage.

    1 9 9 4 - 2 0 1 2

    This issue dedicated to

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    celebrating fatherhood [8]

    playing it safe this summer [10]

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    june features


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    Patience is finding something to do in the mean time.

    - Lisa Spencer Grigsby

    Keep your ears open and your mouth shut and you will learn more.

    - Jil lianee Roberts Starks

    Always keep God first in your life and NO CREDIT CARDS!

    - Katie Case

    Check your oil. (Advice before every road trip from my dad.)

    - Michel le Nebel

    Put God first, your family second, and work hard. Your integrity is in your control.

    - Alecia Potter Meyer

    If it was meant to be... Love will always come back. If not, let it fly.

    - Julie Carrico Hodges

    Father Knows Best-- We asked our Facebook fans to post the

    best advice they ever received from their dad. These are a few

    of our favorites, short and simple, but perfect fatherly advice.

    Thanks for contributing!

    parent talk

    june 2012

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    family life

    celebratingfatherhood{ b y : l o r a w i m s a t t }

    The day everyone takes Dad out to eat and he picks up the check. Or the family holds a cookout with Dad at the grill.But thats the way Dad wants it.

    Ask any guy how he felt when his wife first announces the

    news Were going to have a baby and chances are, hell say his

    emotions were a mix of excitement and fear.

    A lot of men are overwhelmed as they realize they will be

    responsible for raising a baby a child.

    For some new fathers, this is an opportunity to relate to their

    own dads in a new way. One young father said it this way: I had

    a newfound appreciation for my Dad. Im sure he felt anxiety

    through the years, but as a child, I can say I never felt that or sensed

    that from him. I began to also reflect on the things he taught me,

    by word and by deed, and then how large a responsibility I felt in

    attempting to do the same for my children.

    For other men, however, the trepidation of impending

    fatherhood is increased because they didnt have a close relationship

    with their own dad, or their father was not involved in their lives.

    Me and my dad didnt ever have a strong relationship, so one

    thing I want to do is make sure my daughter knows she can tell me

    anything, no matter what it is, and I will always be there for her,

    said one first-time dad.

    Another young dad said he learned one positive thing from

    an absent father: It showed me how I didnt want to be, he said


    Men who previously considered their most important job

    around the house to be taking out the trash once a week now say,

    The biggest responsibility of being a father is teaching whats

    right and whats wrong, and for my child to grow up and know how

    important family is.

    I began to think about how great my parents were and how big

    those parent shoes must be, another man said. For the first time

    in my life, a little person was going to look to me for their every

    need what an awesome responsibility this was and is!

    Dads quickly realize that their children depend on them

    for more than food, clothing and shelter little ones also learn

    important life lessons from Daddy. That prompted one father

    to reflect: I want my children to live by the Golden Rule treat

    others as you would like to be treated yourself. I make the effort

    to live life this way, and honestly, Im not as close to perfecting this

  • June 2012 . OWENSBORO PARENT 9www.OwensboroParent.com

    as I want to be. But Id want my children to know this about me in

    an effort that they would live this out in their own lives as they grow

    up and mature into adults.

    Being a Daddy changes everything. As one man said: It

    makes me excited every day I get to wake up and see her little face

    in the morning. Now there is never a day I am down because I know

    when I get home, she will be there waiting for her Daddy.

    One of the best ways a man can take care of his children is by

    taking care of their mother, as shared by this Daddy: The one

    thing I want my daughter to know is that her mother is the most

    loving and caring person I have ever met in my life, and that her

    father is a lucky person to have married her mom. We have the best

    child in the world and we love watching her grow every day.

    There is a special relationship between fathers and sons as the

    dad sets the expectation for what kind of man he wants his son

    to be. However, those blessed with daughters quickly discover that

    Daddys Little Girl has taken over his heart.

    I have always believed that a father sets the example for who a

    man should be and how he should act, especially toward a woman,

    says the father of two girls. I constantly remind myself that my

    relationship with my daughters will have a great impact on what

    they look for and expect in a man.

    Although many men struggle to put their feelings into words,

    the love for their children comes through.

    My little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me, said

    a first-time Daddy.

    Even though the lifelong adventure of fatherhood might begin

    with uncertainty, many men find guidance in remembering their

    priorities: I learned that a Dad has to have a heart that seeks to

    please God first in his life. If my kids can say their Dad tries very

    hard to please God, then Ill consider my role as a Dad a success.

    All the other Dad qualities hinge off of this one.

    One Dad said it all when he replied, I love my children more

    than life itself and I consider them a gift from Go