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  • 1. Marketing Redefined
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      • About
      • Team
      • Offerings
      • Value proposition
      • Work summary
      • A few of our clients
      • Contact
      • Client case studies
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      • GlocalEdge is a new generation marketing company that provides Marketing Solutions services to its global as well as domestic clients using offshore delivery model.
      • Our clients get competitive advantage by freeing up their key resources so that they can focus on core tasks, and strategic marketing activities.
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      • Our team consists of management and engineering graduates from the worlds prestigious universities with proven international experience and deep functional expertise.
      • Past experiences of our team include:
        • Implementing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns worldwide, working with Fortune 500 companies
        • Shipping industry leading software for worlds second largest software company
        • Developing cutting-edge digital media interfaces and successful internet campaigns for Fortune 100 retailers in Canada
        • Building $150M worth of export businesses
  • 5. Internet Marketing GlocalEdge provides a long term strategy to create and maintain an effective online presence. Analytical Marketing GlocalEdge uses proprietary techniques to solve variety of problems in the area of marketing analytics. - SEM, SEO, and SMM - Website Design - Marketing Campaigns - Return on Investment - Customer Analysis - Web Analytics Primary Market Research GlocalEdge provides Primary Market Research to understand your customers better. - Questionnaire Development, Project Management, Data Analysis
  • 6. Smart decisions helps you save tremendous amount of money You get to know what your customers say about you. Custom made campaigns for your TG & segment. Unique five-phased methodology and attention to details Better return on investment Getting first hand feedback Best in class quality Localizing your campaign
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  • 8. USA 15446 Bel Red Road, Suite 101 Redmond, WA 98052 T: +1 (425) 605-7787 INDIA 8 th Floor, IHDP Complex, Plot No. - 7 Sector -127, NOIDA - 201 301 T: +91 (0120) 4239004-06
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    • The Furniture Republic, a partner company of Sharda Group wanted to get market feedback to help plan their market strategies & communication channels.
    • They wanted to create base in the market before launching their first store.
    • Reviewed their Target Group and performed target segmentation
    • Devised a methodology & shortlisted the locations for conducting the Primary Market Research.
    • Built a set of control questions that help in diagnosing business issues (pain points), identify the impact of that pain on the organization, and suggested appropriate Market Mix.
    • Implemented analytics to generate accurate market intelligence.
    • Accurate Market Intelligence through a targeted research approach
    • Created Brand Awareness by creating value propositions
    • Saved tremendous amount of time & money through our market experience & the best of our analytical tools
    Advanced Campaign Reporting
  • 11.
    • Metanoia, a leading US telecom consulting company had an outdated website and was losing prospective clients.
    • They wanted to rebrand their corporate website and give it a brand new corporate look.
    • Reviewed the website and performed detailed page-wise analysis of its layout, key features, and content
    • Created website that involved creative design of the home pages, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), production of html pages, and usability testing
    • Analyzed their existing position and image in the online space to determine alternatives to emphasize them as brand vs. just a company
    • New website reduced the bounce rate by 55%.
    • SEO enhancements increased the traffic to their website by 40% with SEO.
    • Innovative interface improved the customer loyalty by increasing the returning visitor by 31%.
    New Branded Look Old Look
  • 12. An innovative industry leader in servers, storage, software, and services needed to stay connected with its clients globally and efficiently. The company wanted to reduce costs and time to market for their Internet marketing campaign targeted to software developers in more than 40 countries.
    • Reviewed the current marketing campaign in the areas of production, QA, reporting, and project management
    • Designed innovative processes to reduce time-to-market and provide better analysis of various campaigns
    • Devised a real-time status of all campaigns on Google docs, sharing it with campaign managers worldwide
    • Simplified campaign processes by implementing efficient HTML coding practices to maximize email delivery across all platforms
    • Provided an analytical approach to study campaign data and analyze global results
    • Generating quality business leads within 1 week through creative EDM and landing page
    • Reached over 7,000 software developers with effective email processes
    • Improved conversion rate by 33% through effective database targeting.
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    • Asias biggest home dcor export park was looking to improve footfall. The park has a number showrooms in the areas of home furnishings.
    • They wanted to increase the visits of international buyers and purchase of showrooms by the targeted exporters; and build mindshare.
    • Performed detailed competitive analysis and understood the business imperatives of the online campaign, using our ClickEdge methodology:
    • Designed an SEM campaign on Google, Yahoo, and MSN to increase mindshare and generate leads
    • Managed the campaign proactively with in-depth analysis
    • Generated new customers at substantially lower cost per lead (CPL) compared to the clients traditional channels
    • Increased mind share among customers by increasing the website traffic (100%) and average visitor time (50%)
    • Improved conversion rate using in-depth behavioral and web analytics
    ROI Analysis Campaign Performance
    • Understand the business
    • Campaign objectives
    • Competitive analysis
    • Keyword research (short /long tails)
    • Campaign setup (keywords, ad texts, landing page)
    • Analytics tracking
    • Proactive Bid management
    • Insight generation
    • Evolve best practices
    • Increase ROI
    Analyze Design Execute Improve Brief
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    • Thank You