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  1. 1. Integrated Brand Planning Redefined by Antonio Monerris Propositions for a renewed framework of branding FRIDAY, 17th July, 2015
  2. 2. Antonio Monerris has pioneered strategic Brand Planning and Communications from the late 80s. He began his work in agencies such as HDM and Lowe to finally partnering with Young & Rubicam and set up Vinizius Y & R in Barcelona. Antonio Monerris has worked extensively with corporations and brands such as Danone, Diageo, Agrolimen, Sara Lee, Purina, Orangina Schweppes or Pernond Ricard among others. His experience includes FMCG, retail, health, premium & luxury and technology. He has encouraged and has been President of Account Planning Group, the organization that brings together the strategic planners in areas of communication and branding. Currently combines strategic brand consulting and communication with the collaboration with universities and schools.
  3. 3. Being authentic, being unique, being shared: key cornerstones of contemporary branding
  4. 4. A simple and universal tool Reach and Richness are critical measures of planning
  5. 5. Branding is a consistent belief
  6. 6. The brand is the will of being and meaning something in the consumer's mind. Brands should always be a proposition, related to a meaningful insight
  7. 7. If a brand is not able to invoke a specific idea or value and fails to suggest more than fuzzy things, it becomes an "underdeveloped" brand. Meaningless awareness is a waste of money.
  8. 8. A brand is It is a meaningful and structured perception in the consumer's mind, capable of triggering spontaneous associations of ideas that influence the consumer transaction process with a product or service ( defined by a guy call Antonio Monerris)
  9. 9. Memories that support opinions that influence decisions The brand interferes with consumer value judgments... ( also defined by a guy call Antonio Monerris)
  10. 10. but also assume that complexity of a fragmented reality is the real challenge
  11. 11. Branding of should involve a "long-term plan" to build and maintain a distinctive, positive and competitive perceptions, both internally and externally.
  12. 12. But change should be part of your brand Entity : adaptive branding is a must!
  13. 13. We should believe in the power of brand beliefs: because the views and beliefs of successful brands connect with fundamental human emotions and truths.
  14. 14. People actively shape brands today. Participation and social networks are essential in shaping and managing brands.
  15. 15. Virgin Believes that the interests of ordinary people are abused by big, faceless, monopolistic corporations Stands up for the little guy and has a bit of fun in doing so
  16. 16. Apple Apple believes the power of individuality should triumph So its entire culture is designed to challenge the traditional way
  17. 17. Sony Sony believes that we are all dreamers who like to let our imagination play It designs products to ensure the play button delivers entertainment that is always a few steps ahead of your imagination
  18. 18. Branding is structure or system of meanings
  19. 19. The mastery of branding is knowing to laddering from matter into meaning
  20. 20. Brand FOUNDATIONS Brand DELIVERY Brand SELF
  21. 21. Propietary emotion Appropriate emotion/ significant / agent of purpose Argumentative Structures Deliveries benefits Structures or concepts Cognitive Foundations Attributes meaning links evidences
  22. 22. Branding is lasting and rich relation
  23. 23. "Today the brands are the people" The emerging role of social media and consumer involvement in configuring and managing brands.
  24. 24. The centrality of the consumer is the key of today branding and it means "visualize" a more demanding consumer, impulsive and obsessed with getting more value for money
  25. 25. Knowledge and empathy for people is the only thing that cannot be copied, manufactured or become a commodity 26
  26. 26. The unique power is the preference. Based on ties and relations that allow us to anticipate desires and preferences. 27
  27. 27. Making Consumer an essential part of the being and living brands is the only way to counteract an environment "unpowered". 28
  28. 28. The power of brands is in complete and continuous intimacy with consumers 29
  29. 29. To hear and understand is not enough. It is imperative to turn that into active listener. 30
  30. 30. Social networks = Capital physical capital Money, buildings, equipment human capital Education, skills, ability Social capital Networks of trust and reciprocity
  31. 31. Adopt a new brand paradigm open structures constantly changing They will be flowing, transiting, processing and constant updating. Brands will be an open source. 32
  32. 32. brands might become demobrands: spaces constantly meeting and dialogue with public. Demobrands that can be defined as "meanings in common", in which the owner of the brand and its target co-manage the shared meanings.
  33. 33. replacing the integrated enterprise with a network of external relationships, designed to offer innovation and flexibility to changing market conditions and opportunities Gary Hamel London Business School
  34. 34. demo-brands identify and constantly generate meeting spaces and dialogue opportunities 35
  35. 35. Demo-brand continuously learn and undertake changes, established on consumers encounters and exchange.
  36. 36. Demo-brands are shared spaces for managing meanings
  37. 37. The branding could also be a lightweight form of power and influence. It is a kind of "soft power, because it allows to seduce wills without coercion; a very important form of power in a multilateral and fragmented world
  38. 38. The love you get is equal to the love you give