Genre & convention of comedy

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Transcript of Genre & convention of comedy

  • 1. Genre & Convention of Comedy
  • 2. Setting a comedy sketch always occur in bright places. Location that are known for social events are often used.
  • 3. Camerawork/shots The camerawork used for most comedies, is naturalistic and the characters are filmed in a way that shows that no one is better.
  • 4. Sound Sound is important in the comedy genre. Diegetic sound like the dialogue needs to be clear to make sure that it be can heard and laughed at Non diegetic sound is also important, edited sound can be used to place emphasis on certain scenes
  • 5. Lighting: The lighting in is commonly bright or natural light, because this creates a realistic environment. Bright and happy colours are used to show that the scene is happy, The scenes are done in daylight.
  • 6. Props Props are very important in comedy; objects that may hurt a character is well know. Props are used in slapstick comedy because it is vital in slapstick comedy
  • 7. Character Types Idiotic people are usually used in contrast with a group of normal people, this shows the contrast of the personalities and emphasises the stupidity of the folly character. Also, above average intelligent people are used (such as Big Bang Theory), the comedy is emphasised because they are smart but very socially awkward and unaware of social boundaries with normal people. A common attribute within characters is sarcasm.
  • 8. Types of Comedy