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Research for the comedy film genre

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Comedy Genre Research

Comedy Genre ResearchComedy is the genre based on the main emphasis of the film, being humour. They are designed to entertain the audience with some often exaggerating characters for the humorous effect.These films usually have a happy ending, again adding to the entertainment of the audience.

Typical Comedy CharactersThe main character/s of the film are usually the ones who make the jokes or are in the middle of a comical story.These are then contrasted with a usually boring character to make the main one appear even funnier.

Typical Comedy SettingsMost comedys are usually set in big citys and towns however it depends on the situation of the filmFor example, if the film is a skit for example, Shaun of the Dead is a comedy based around the film Dawn of the Dead. Meaning the locations are likely to be a lot different then your usual comedy films such as the Hangover. Hybrid GenresAction Comedy: Hot Fuzz, 21 Jump Street, The Incredibles.Horror Comedy: Scary Movie FranchiseFantasy Comedy: Night at the Museum, ShrekSci-fi Comedy: Men In Black, Back to the FutureMilitary Comedy: M*A*S*HIconography/PropsClownsCartoonsGang of people

HistoryComedy films have been very popular since the 1890s. Beginning during the silent films era.This then progressed into cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop.Nowadays, comedy still remains a popular genre, with all age groups due to family films but still attracts older age groups for its comedy films such as the Hangover being rated an 18 due to its alcohol humored story line.Examples of Popular Comedy FilmsInbetweeners Movie - Chicks - -