COMEDY. DEFINITION OF COMEDY Comedy is a genre of film that features light hearted stories designed...

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Transcript of COMEDY. DEFINITION OF COMEDY Comedy is a genre of film that features light hearted stories designed...

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COMEDY Slide 2 DEFINITION OF COMEDY Comedy is a genre of film that features light hearted stories designed to entertain and amuse an audience with humour. Comedy is one of the oldest genres in film. In fact some of the first silent movies were comedies. Comedy films traditionally have a happy ending unless it is a black comedy which indicates that there is a tragedy tied into the ending. Slide 3 TYPES OF COMEDY FILMS Slapstick This form of comedy relies on physical or visual gags that do not necessarily rely on sound to create humour. The Three Stooges are an excellent example of slapstick. Slide 4 TYPES OF COMEDY FILMS A Fish out of Water comedy involves a character in a new environment or situation which results in humour. Situations like: Swapping gender roles: Tootsie (1984), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Swapping age roles: Big (1988) or Thirteen going on 30 (2004) Rural meets City : Crocodile Dundee (1986) Slide 5 TYPES OF COMEDY FILMS Parody is a comedy that satirizes other film genres or classic films. These films use sarcasm, stereotyping, and mockery of scenes from other films. The humour also involves the obviousness of meaning in a character's actions. Slide 6 TYPES OF COMEDY FILMS Parody Mel Brooks movies like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein mocked the western epic genre and the horror/thriller genre. Slide 7 TYPES OF C0MEDY FILMS Airplane! (1980) Is a parody of the popular disaster films of the 1970s. This led to the Scary Movie franchise series which is an excellent example of parody that often encourages the audience to play along and identify the source. Slide 8 TYPES OF COMEDY FILMS The Anarchic Comedy This is a stream of consciousness film that lampoons or makes fun of authority. or the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup (1933) as well as National Lampoons Animal House (1978) are all examples of this genre. Slide 9 TYPES OF COMEDY The Anarchic Comedy Monty Python movies like Life of Brian (1979), and Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1976) are also examples of this type of film. Slide 10 TYPES OF COMEDY FILMS Black Comedy Black comedy uses humour and satire to deal with taboo subjects like death by murder or suicide, sexual relations, or war. Films like M*A*S*H*, Heathers, or Burn after Reading are examples of this type of comedy. Slide 11 SUB-GENRES OF COMEDY FILMS There are many sub-genres of comedy films since humour is a popular vehicle for hooking an audience into a story. The Romantic Comedy is where we see a romantic relationship developing usually in the they meet, they fall in love and then they lose touch with each other, then they find each other again. Films like The Princess Bride, Begin Again or The F Word are examples. Slide 12 COMEDY SUB-GENRES Action Comedy The action comedy sub-genre became popular in the 1980s when comedians joined action stars in fast-paced stories that featured one- liners and physical comedy stunts. These buddy films started with Eddie Murphy who starred in 48 hrs and Beverly Hills Cop. Recently the television show 21 Jump Street was made into an action comedy. Slide 13 COMEDY SUB-GENRES Action Comedy This sub-genre is also popular in the martial arts action films. Jackie Chan has made several of these types of movies both in America and in Hong Kong. Films like The Incredibles, Kick Ass and Hancock are also a part of this sub-genre. Slide 14 COMEDY SUB-GENRES Comedy horror makes up another sub-genre of comedy films. These films use humour to embellish the dark themes of horror. They can be broken down into the following sub categories: Parody/satire: one-liners and clichs pay homage or mock previous thrillers. Examples include: Young Frankenstein, An American Werewolf in London and Scream. Splatstick: combines slapstick comedy with the all the splattering gore and violence of horror. Examples of this type would be Evil Dead and Ghostbusters. Slide 15 COMEDY SUB-GENRE Fantasy Comedy This sub-genre combines magic, mythology or the supernatural with quips, one-liners, satire or parody and physical comedy. The hero or heroine is sometimes awkward and often funny. Examples of this sub-genre include, Night at the Museum, Shrek and Being John Malkovich. Slide 16 COMEDY SUB-GENRE Science Fiction Comedy When you take a high tech space story and inject a lot of humour you have a sci-fi comedy. Galaxy Quest pokes fun at all of the sci-fi television shows that became films. The Men in Black films spoof all of the extra- terrestrial films. The list of these types of films include: Spaceballs, Back to the Future, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure and Worlds End. Slide 17 COMEDY SUB-GENRE MILITARY COMEDY Finally we have military comedy where the very serious military meets either one or a group of misplaced persons and hilarity ensues. Humour is often used as a coping mechanism in the military so often these films depict situations in peace time or away from the field of operations. Slide 18 COMEDY SUB-GENRE Military Comedy Films like Good Morning Vietnam used humour to illustrate the experiences soldiers serving in Vietnam. M*A*S*H* did the same for the war in Korea. Forrest Gump also looks at the serving in the military as part of a characters development. Tropic Thunder is an example of a film that parodies not the experiences of the servicemen and women but the military action films of the 1980s like Rambo.