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Transcript of From the Pastor 20 Charles Flowers 20 Bill & Margaret Watson anniv. 20 Eddie & Carolyn Aslin...

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    August 2019

    1 Joan Beckham

    1 Jimmy Graves

    1 Connie Eldridge

    3 Gary & Suzy Salisbury anniv.

    3 Chris & Penny Thomason anniv.

    4 Parker Freeman

    5 Pat Hutson

    5 Chuck & Laura Zimmerman ann

    5 Sandy Beaty

    6 Josh & Kimberly McMahan anni

    7 Y-Cee Douglas

    9 Lawrence Scott

    9 Jodi Coffee

    9 Judy Vaughan

    9 Joe & Alice Ann Watkins anniv.

    11 Chad Morris

    11 Monica Morris

    11 Mandy Townsend

    11 Allen & Kathie Woll anniv.

    12 Jackie Ford

    16 Bruce & Marlon Ward anniv.

    16 Dan & Kari Rohrbaugh anniv.

    18 Jeff Cook

    20 Lolita Murray

    20 Charles Flowers

    20 Bill & Margaret Watson anniv.

    20 Eddie & Carolyn Aslin anniv.

    22 Mary Ward

    22 Jennifer Quinn McFarland

    23 Trevor & Jodi Coffee anniv.

    23 Doodle Franklin

    23 Bill Coffee

    23 Leigh Ann Quillin

    23 Jeff & Catherine Cook anniv.

    24 Sandy Davis

    27 Jorgia Clay Coffee

    27 Carolyn Thornton

    29 Kay McCorkle

    30 Karen Montgomery

    30 Paul Wilson

    30 Mark Burke

    One great potluck after worship deserves an- other! We had plenty of delicious food for over 30 guests from Renewal Ranch as well as our congrega- tion on July 14. On August 18 we will have another potluck, but this time we will only have one guest, Janet Marshall, from the United Methodist Founda- tion of Arkansas (UMFA). That day will also be a cele- bration of our church’s heritage and future. According to a brochure, “The UMFA is a non- profit organization that serves Arkansas United Meth- odist Churches, institutions and people. We offer the practical means for linking today’s hopes to to- morrow’s dreams. Our focus is fostering stewardship that not only strengthens and supports existing min- istry, but dares to dream for the future.” UMFA as- sists individuals with estate planning, serving as Trustee of life-income gift arrangements, revocable trusts and permanent charitable funds, and also providing counsel on giving alternatives. The Foun- dation serves churches by managing investment funds, creating permanent endowment funds, and giving loans for construction projects. It also pro- vides scholarships for seminary students who will be- come pastors in Arkansas, and for persons to attend leadership development events (some of our members have received these scholarships). Janet Marshall will make a presentation at the potluck on how the UMFA can benefit our church and its members. Join us for this special day in the life of our church. Pastor Steve

    From the Pastor

    August 4-Prudens

    11–Watkins 18–Rohrbaugh


    September 1– Available

    8–Myra Wylie 15-Pruden

    22–Mary Ward 29-Availalbe

    Quick Reference Guide Page 1- Pastor’s Notes/Birthdays Page 2– Church info/memorials Page 3– August calendar Page 4– Prayer Initiative/Music Page 5– Happenings/Stewardship Page 6– Spirit of Hope photos Page 7– Youth news Page 8– Children’s news Page 9 – Upper room/photos Page 10- Preschool news

    Altar flowers are $68.00.

    The flowers may be tak-

    en home after worship.

    Please sign up on the

    flower calendar outside

    the office.

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    August 2019

    Check out our

    website! and on Facebook

    2019 Budget: $419,237.00

    July 7 offering: $9,880.00 July 14 offering: $6,975.00

    July 21 offering: $7,585.00 July 28 offering: $6,180.55

    E-giving received thru

    July 30th:$ 40,598.00

    Have you misplaced a jacket, reading glasses or something

    Office hours are: Monday thru Thursday

    8:00am till noon & 1:00pm till 4:00

    Pastor’s Fund

    On Communion Sundays, any money placed on the altar rail is allocated to our Pastor’s

    Fund. This money is used for helping out in- dividuals/families in need thru the discretion

    of our pastor.

    Please let us know if you change your email address

    so we can update our mailing lists.

    We now have good wifi signal church-wide, so if you are participating in a study or reading your Bible online the password is:


    Memorial money is used

    by our Trustee

    committee to maintain our

    church facility. Please desig-

    nate on your check who the

    Memorial is in memory of.

    Be watching for details to order our new logo-designed church shirts for the fall!! We will offer long-sleeved t-shirts and

    sweatshirts for all sizes.

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    August 2019

    Sunday Schedule 9:30 am Mall Fellowship 9:45 am Sunday School

    10:50 am Morning Worship

    Special Reminders: An attended nursery is available on Sunday mornings from 9:30 till 12:00. It is also available for special evening events throughout the week. Please contact the church office to coordinate the nursery schedule.

    Summer Schedule:

    Chancel Choir begins again in August

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat


    6 Great Hours of Sharing– Springhill

    2 Staff mtg. 8:45am

    3 6:30– UMW Mtg.

    410am/5:30– pm-Revival book study 5:30 M&M’s


    66:00-Men’s book study


    8 8:45am- Worship commit- tee mtg.

    6 Great Hours of Sharing– Blevins


    10 6:30– Philip Yancey book study

    11 10am/5:30 –pm-Revival book study 5:30 M&M’s


    13 6:00-Men’s book study


    15 6 Great Hours of Sharing– Hinton

    16 6:30-Finance 7pm– Admin Board mtg

    17 Emmaus mtg. 5:30pm

    1810am/5:30 –pm-Revival book study 5:30pm M&M’s


    20 6:00-Men’s book study



    6 Great Hours of Sharing– here at FUMC

    23 Spring Break begins………..


    25 5:30 M&M’s 10am/5:30–pm- Revival book study


    276:00-Men’s book study



    6 Great Hours of Sharing– Washing- ton UMC

    30 6:00- Companions mtg


    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    1 26:30-Men’s book study Office closed 5pm– Communi- ty mtg/ Fellow- ship Hall


    4 Communion Sunday Noon- Trustee Mtg.

    5 .


    6:30pm UMW

    710:15-Class mtg group

    Choir– 6:30pm


    Watermelon Festival

    96:30-Men’s book study Office closed

    Watermelon Festival


    Watermelon Festival

    11Worship com- mittee mtg. 8:45am Blessing of the backpacks



    6pm– Children’s mtg

    14 Choir– 6:30pm

    6pm– Youth mtg


    166:30-Men’s book study Office closed


    18 Methodist Foun- dation

    19 Finance mtg. 6:30

    Admin Board 7pm

    20 10am-Circuit Elders mtg/lunch Fellowship hall

    21 10:15 Class mtg group Handbells 5:30 Choir– 6:30pm


    Emmaus Reunion Group 5:30pm

    23 6:30-Men’s book study Office closed




    Nominations Mtg. 6pm


    28 10:15 Class mtg group Handbells 5:30 Choir– 6:30pm

    29 Alton Carter/ Hempstead Hall @ 7pm

    30 6:30-Men’s book study Office closed


    School Begins

    Pray without ceasing



    open house

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    August 2019

    Breakthrough Prayer Initiative– August

    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…(Ephesians 3:20).” Do we really believe the above verse? How often do we audaciously ask God to act in super- natural ways? This verse says that God is able to do more than we can imagine that he can do. And, I can imagine amazing things. But sometimes we don’t ask God to do that which is impossible (at least for mere humans). For most of us, we have at least one request that we have presented to God over a long period of time, but it has not been answered, or at least not yet. But sometimes, we don’t ask God about powerfully acting on behalf of ourselves or the church because we don’t really believe God can or will act. It is certainly true that God will never be badgered or tricked into an- swering a prayer that is not consistent with his will or purpose, nor will he answer a prayer that will not bring glory to his Name or Kingdom. But, let’s pray boldly this month. The prayer challenge this month is to offer a bold prayer to God that can only be answered if the God of the uni- verse acts. Are you or a family member enslaved to an addiction or habit? Do you or someone you love have a life-threatening health condition? Are you hoping and wait