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My final FIT project!

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  • 1. CLEAN EATING!11/5/2012Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating!

2. Cleaner and safer food and water for everyone! WHATS OUR The FDA just publicized that baby items PURPOSE? such as binkies and baby bottles can no longer contain Bisphenol A: (BPA), a controversial hormone -disrupting chemical that has been linked to cancer, obesity, and other dangerous illnesses. Banning BPA is a huge step towards getting other dangerous chemicals out of our food supply. Help us get the FDA to regulate ALL dangerous chemicals so we and our children can eat better and live longer.11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 3. SIGN FOR SAFER FOOD This application is essentially a petition for a specific cause, which in this instance is to create safer food for everyone! The application presents an article about the dangers of contaminated food and water, and a place to sign at the bottom. Simply enter your email address and your done!11/5/2012Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 4. LAYOUT Next, click on the pencil to There isnt an app as submit your email address in simple and ef ficient asorder to sign the petition. Clean Eating! It begins with a short informative article. Once read, there is an arrow at the bottom right hand side of the page that takes you to this:11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 5. Once you have entered your email address, Clean Eating! willthank you, and direct you to the last part of the application. It will tell you that because of your contribution to them, they willcontribute one dollar to the Clean Water Foundation who areready to, deliver safe, clean water to children and others aroundthe world.NEXT.. 11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 6. HIGHLIGHTS? You can get this app with a quick download onto any smartphone or computer. All it requires is a signature to complete and the whole process takes under a minute. Its also 100% free. The app is centered around health and wellness, and for every person that signs the petition, one dollar is donated to the Clean Water Foundation.11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 7. WHO ARE This application has the potential to help WE our entire population, including futureHELPING generations to come. AND WHY? Why is eating better so important? What we put into our bodies af fects the way we live, feel and function. In order to feel great, its vital that our bodies are well nourished and healthy. Everyone deserves that opportunity. It is also important that the next generation takes better care of themselves so they can thrive.11/5/2012Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 8. My relationship with this application is simple. I want to know that what I put into my body is going to benefit me long term and shor t term. I think its impor tant that many of us do this, and set a shining example for the WHATS next generation.OUR GOAL? Our goal is to use this app to gain 1 ,000,000 votes so present to the FDA , to encourage them to regulate other harmful chemicals in our food. Another impor tant goal is to make more people aware of what they are ingesting, and long term make people more health conscious. It is my hope that this will be the fir st step of many in making sure that more people can eat better and take better care of themselves.11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 9. WILL THE APP SOLVE THIS GLOBALPROBLEM? We can only hope this application will help solve the problemof contaminated food by bringing together a large group ofpeople that want to reach the same goal. We hope that byworking as a team we can push the FDA to regulate ALLdangerous chemicals from our food supply.11/5/2012Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 10. This app is simple and easy to use. You can use it on any Oncecomputer or smart phone, its 100% free and found in the d o w nl o a d e d , a nApp Store.a r t i c le w i l lappeard i s c us s i n g t h edangers ofc o n t am i n a te df o o d i te m s . A tt h e b o t to m o fthe articlethere will be ano p t i o n to s i g n ap et i t i on to s to pc o n t am i n a t i n go u r f o o d i te m s .Yo u m u s t t h e ne n te r yo u remail addressa n d yo u a r efinished!11/5/2012Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 11. our long term environmental goals include making our produce and livestock hormone and chemical free. D E V E LO P M E N T E N V IRON M E N T We want to make people more aware of what they ingest, and in doing so long - term help them make their bodies chemical free.11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 12. WHO ARE WE GOING TO PROPOSE CLEAN EATING! TO? Clean Eating! is already av a i l a b l e i n t h e A p p S to r e , s o we are now r e a c h i n g o u t to Google, and Fa c e b o o k to really put our cause out there for more of the w o r l d to s e e .11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating! 13. CLEAN WATER FOUNDATION The importance of eating healthy for the next generation.11/5/2012 Taylor Barreira: Clean Eating!