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  1. 1. Music serves as the best interruption in times of silence
  2. 2. Music runs in my DNA
  3. 3. And to think It all started recording music on Cassettes
  4. 4. My name is Desiree Thompson, and music is my Passion. Photo by Desiree Thompson
  5. 5. I was born in Orlando, Florida
  6. 6. The home of Humidity and Alligators
  7. 7. I graduated with my Associates in Communications, and left Undecided.
  8. 8. I soon after toured with Guns and Roses and Vans Warped Tour. Photo by Desiree Thompson Photo by Desiree Thompson
  9. 9. I met my Husband on tour Photo by Gian Carlo Photography Photo by Desiree Thompson
  10. 10. Touring led me to study at Full Sail
  11. 11. Learning about the music industry has always been of interest
  12. 12. I now study Entertainment Business online
  13. 13. I chose Entertainment business because it is broad
  14. 14. I live in Huntington Beach, California Photo by Desiree Thompson
  15. 15. The most Beautiful State in the world Photo by Desiree Thompson
  16. 16. The music industry is extraordinary here
  17. 17. My Brand Mantra is Creative Thinker, Positive Outlook
  18. 18. Creativity and Positivity best express my life
  19. 19. Making other people happy is = importance to being happy myself
  20. 20. Working where my passion lies is imperative to me
  21. 21. I plan to purse a career in Music Marketing
  22. 22. My ultimate goal: help new musicians gain popularity
  23. 23. And make some of these
  24. 24. And gain some of these
  25. 25. Ready to take the future thats mine! Ready to take the future that is mine!