FA Mag 2010 Vol1 Ep2

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FA Mag 2010 Vol1 Ep2

Transcript of FA Mag 2010 Vol1 Ep2

  • Vol. 1 - 2010


    FA MAG news, updates and articles

    Bringing Back Creativity In Stick Figure Animations

    TABLE OF CONTENTS----------------------------

    ANimATiON WOrd OF ThE dAy - Audio Syncing by Murph

    CrEATOr iNTErviEWS: - Interview with Phillips Terkoiz Lacanlale by Mesmay

    ANimATiON ANALySiS: - In depth look into the details of SHOCK 3 that make it such a marvel

    FA mANSiON - FAS FirST hALLOWEEN COmpETiTiON - Nearing its dead line, great parts already flowing in. BSE v3 rOuNd 2 - Now with swords! FA rEdSigN WTF? - Actually, more of a clean up and re-organization ThE FrENCh vS FLLFFL + ThE FrENCh hiSTOry Ep 2 - Coming out this October 25th!

  • Vol. 1 - 2010


    Animation Word of the Day By Murph


    Syncing, AKA synchronization, has to do with audio-animation cooperation. For example, lets say an animated mouth says hello! Of course, you want to have audio to go with it, so you add the audio of hello! Syncing is placing that audio in the exact right place so it actually looks like the mouth says hello! at the right time.

    In our contextual purpose, lets talk about punching and punching sounds. You animate a punch, then throw the punch sound in there. Lets say you show someone your anim and they say, You really need to sync that sound. What do you do? Not ig-nore their confusing terminology. No! You go back to your anim and make sure to place your punch sound RIGHT as the fist hits the enemy. For some sounds, there is a slight delay, so you might have to place it a bit earlier.

    Sometimes, you might want to use gunshot sounds for a gun. These might be a little different. Personally, I think it is best to put the gunshot sound a frame or two BE-FORE the actual gunfire. The reason for this is that in real life, our ears would hear the gunshot before we saw the gunshot blast. You may place it right on the gunfire frame, but in my experience, the frame before is a better place for it.v

    Music. This has become a big frustration for someone who wants to sync their anima-tion with music. Syncing with music isnt the same as syncing with sounds; for ex-ample, you may want to start an epic combo when the guitar solo of the song youre using starts playing. This is a good idea, but be sure to know how to do that. First of all, always, and I mean ALWAYS, make the song youre syncing is set to stream. You can change this in the properties window while clicked on the audio within the timeline. You want stream instead of Event, which makes the audio play on and on. Stream allows the animation to go precisely with the music as you see it on the timeline. Most of the time, youll want your music on stream.Anyway, now that this helpful setting is enabled, you simply need to find where in the timeline that special guitar solo begins and start your epic combo at that moment. Simple, right? As you practice, youll be able to sync your movies more easily with the music.

    There are not many things more unattractive than badly synced animations. Go forth with this knowledge create some kick-ass animations (as long as that kicking sound is synced correctly).

  • Vol. 1 - 2010


    a d v e r t i s e m e n t

    BONuS TErm:

    Ill be explaining the differences between pinging, highlighting, and tabbing on IRC. This is a common, common misunderstanding between the three. First of all, if you are not aware of IRC itself, you may find it on the bottom of the portal page on fluidanims.com. It is a chat service that many among us at FluidAnims use to communicate. If you must get the attention of another IRC user, there are many ways this can be done. The simplest way to do so is to highlight (not to be confused with pinging). To do this, you simply type the exact name of the person you are trying to contact. Depending on the settings they have on their IRC client at the moment, they will most likely get alerted with a sound. Either way, their name will appear in red on your line. Use your highlighting cautiously, though, because some users may get angry from ma-licious highlighting.

    As for pinging, this is much different than highlighting. The command: /ping [name] lets you determine the network distance between your computer and other users, by returning a report of the network delay between you and another user on a channel. In short, you most likely dont even need to use this command.

    Tabbing is in the same category as highlighting. A tab is a private chat you have directly with the other person. No one else can listen in. To tab someone, you can click on their name inside the channel or right click their name on the list of people in the room. Tabbing someone will alert this person similarly to highlighting.

    Yes, pinging might be easier to say to talk about any of these three, but more learned users will not understand what you mean. The more you know!

    Written by Murph

  • Vol. 1 - 2010


    Creator Interviews: PhilliPs Terkoiz lacanlaleBy MesMay

    70% WINS

    30% LOSSES

    Age: *Syntax Error

    About:Created out of the division of zero

    So whats your RHG called?

    Phil: FLLFFL but if you see it right, it's actually ALFA.

    Whats the story behind the name? Any special meaning?

    Phil: there actually is a story behind the name but is yet to be revealed in a later game

    Cool! So what weapon does your character use?

    Phil: My RHG character uses this sword modded with some jet-like properties that basically propels himself or just for the use of fire.

    Did you choose the sword for a special reason too?Phil: the sword all on itself seemed very traditional. Nothing special, just a slice and dicey thing. A jet, wasn't so traditional. I combined those two together and tadah! Something a little different.

    Most of fllffl's fans seem to appreciate the originality that you manage to produce from the sword-jet combination. Do you try and change the animation to be more fan-friendly, or is it all spontaneous animating?

    Phil: I try to be original with what I can do with a jet-sword thing. At first it was primarily just spontaneous animating, just busting out animations without really any thought. Now I'm trying to actually be a little more fan-friendly with my RHG animations by bringing back some favourites (secret) and trying to keep up with a story

    So, fllffl has had 10 RHG battles so far, 7 of those have been wins. What was your favourite battle to animate?

    Phil: Um my favourite battle so far was actually against Hyun's RHG character, YoYo. One, for being strictly 2-dimensional, and two for me

  • Vol. 1 - 2010


    actually losing the battle. I love when a person can outdo me. That way Ihave some aspirations to where I'll be progressing next and how to do better and keep striving for improvement.

    Regarding the fllffl and yoyo battle, everyone was seriously impressed by the effort that went into both entries. Is there any chance of a rematch between you two?

    Phil: a rematch would be fun. I loved animating Hyun's RHG. Hyun if you're reading this... you wanna?

    What do you look for in a challenger then? Is it someone with a power/weapon which inspires you, someone on the same skill level, or just plain anyone?

    Phil: Anyone who's up to it. I like to get a general feel for how well people animate. Like testing the waters kind of. Either I test how the animator is doing, or I'm like a random encounter with, really, no sense of what I'm doing sometimes. But yeah... I try RHG anyone who's willing to challenge.

    Whats your favourite RHG out there at the moment? Excluding your own, of course.

    Phil: Mr pix. Lol

    Co-incidence, Im interviewing him too. Why is he your favourite?

    Phil: it's literally creative freedom. You can do literally anything with him. Also, I think he'd be fun to animate as well.

    Thanks Phil! Lets hope your future RHGs are even more exciting than your previous ones

    POWERS/WEAPONS: 7.5/10 (nothing too ridiculous, just a good all-rounder.)

    ANIMATORS SKILL: 10/10 (one of the best stick animators out there!)

    CREATIVITY: 9/10 (always pushing forward with new concepts and ideas.)

    VERDICT- Dont challenge fllffl if you just want an easy win! Youll have to pull out the big guns to take this one down.

    -Article by Mesmay

  • Vol. 1 - 2010


    Animation Analysis By Syn

    SHOCK 3

    Hitting the stick animation scene with an explosion of approval, Terkoizs 4day efforts will most likely go down as a historical sequence of events to re-member in the context of animation history. By exceptionally defining the current state of stick animations, this represented one of the best efforts to expand the horizons of the genre for new ideas and new people to be infused into the public eye.

    SHOCK3 is the continuation of Terkoizs famous Shock series, and the one that is most likely to stand out on his current portfolio while fans roar towards the much anticipated finale. However, this continuation of the series was in all but name as a very large portion of tendencies of the other two animations were replaced or modified to give an entirely different feel.

    One of my main issues with this particular animation was the exposition scenes, and unfortunately furthers the stereotype of poor story in these sorts of animations. A noticeable lack of care towards the animation itself was apparent during these scenes as a double-framing tactic seemed very obvious in compari-son to the slick action. Appearing almost choppy at points, more in-betweens would have been much better to keep the consistent quality of action going. Mid-way through the animation for example displays