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Transcript of Existing photographers

  • 1. Experimental Photographer CaseStudies.By Jonah Adshead

2. Pearlblossom Highway- David Hockney. 3. On the previous slide is a piece names Pearlblossom Highway that is an example ofone of David Hockneys photo collages or as he called them joiners. He began creatingthese in the early 1980s using firstly polaroid photographs but later 35mm colour prints. Hewould simply take the photographs and place them together to allow the full scene to beshown in an arrangement of smaller photographs.These techniques are historical and traditional as they only use older photographymethods and do not venture into digital production or experimentation. Only filmphotography is used in this incredibly simple but incredibly effective method.This is definitely an example of fine art. The images have been created to lookinteresting and striking and that is all, they have not been produced in order to show off anew clothing line or model of car. For this reason I believe this image would be displayed ina gallery or in an art book. 4. Self-portrait with cat 1932-Wanda Wulz 5. The photograph on the previous slide is a surrealist experimental photograph by WandaWulz. It has been done by merging the two photographs seen below somehow during theexposure process. This photograph uses traditional of film photography but Wulz hasexperimented with them to create this very interesting hybrid effect. It still does usehistorical methods however and was taken in 1932 so is way before the times ofcontemporary or non-traditional methods.I think that this photograph was made to awe and confuse people at the strange halfwoman half cat depicted on it. It has been created to look good and be enjoyed not for acommercial purpose but a fine art one. This means it will most likely be seen in an art bookor displayed at an art gallery. 6. Untitled- Nigel Tomm 7. The previous slide shows a photograph by Nigel Tomm. He creates these interestingcrumple effect images by first taking a photograph and having it printed before distortingit by screwing it up or arranging it over different levels so it is on different uneven levelscreating an interesting appearance to the original image. He then photographs the imageand uses this second photograph as his final piece.I think he uses mainly traditional methods in hos work as he does not use any computerprograms in his work but I think his photography style is more contemporary a d he mayuse things such as instant digital photo printing instead of the traditional darkroomtechniques.This is a piece of fine art and has been created solely for aesthetic purposes and would bedisplayed in an art gallery or featured in an art book. 8. Untitled- Evilsabeth Schmitz-Garcia 9. The image on the previous slide is an example of a method of photography calledScanography. It uses a photocopier scanner to take the photos with photographerslaying objects or pressing their body against the scanner to achieve the images theywant.This method is a contemporary one using more experimental and modern techniqueswith the use of the scanner technology. It is non-traditional as the scanner is not atraditional piece of equipment and the artist uses Photoshop in her post-production tomount photos together and add effects.I think this photo is a piece of fine art and would be displayed in a photography bookor be featured in an art gallery.