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A marketing perspective on the future of women and sport

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  • 1. Ideas For the Next 40 Years Some key themes in our knowledge about women and sports 09/26/2012 @EMMACNYC Outsider perspective. Not an athlete/expert - but spend my days obsessed with 2 questions typically: how to get attention for something people tend to ignore, how to get people to care about it more. Both seem v relevant for women and sportMonday, October 22, 12
  • 2. the title ix effect some amazing achievements post title ix ..... source: As Title IX turns 40, legacy goes beyond numbers, Nancy Armour, Associated Press. 2012. 2Monday, October 22, 12
  • 3. 3Monday, October 22, 12
  • 4. Were U.S. women their own nation, they would have nished ahead of every other countrys total gold medal count except China and tied Great Britain. source: USA Today 4Monday, October 22, 12
  • 5. worlds highest paid athletes, 2011 But a very long way to go source: Forbes 5Monday, October 22, 12
  • 6. most searched athletes, 2011 1. Manny Pacquiao 2. Tiger Woods 3. LeBron James 4. Michael Jordan 5. Kobe Bryant 6. Tim Tebow 7. Kris Humphries 8. Aaron Rodgers 9. Derrick Rose 10. Peyton Manning source: Google Zeitgeist 6Monday, October 22, 12
  • 7. los angeles sports news coverage by sex, 1999-2009 A vicious circle of less interest less coverage less investment less interest less coverage etc... source: USC Center for Feminist Research 7Monday, October 22, 12
  • 8. Mo r es n e me wo wo me et n hl re fa at Mo ns The virtuous circle wed More fans of like to see instead womens sports My approach: some ideas/ themes that might help.. 8Monday, October 22, 12
  • 9. Mo r es n e me wo wo me et n hl re fa at Mo ns More fans of Start with female fandom womens sports what do we know about how we can get more women exited about sport - all sport, that played by men AND by women. ie how to spur more passionate female sports fans 9Monday, October 22, 12
  • 10. The power of stories the theme that immediately comes to the fore.. 10Monday, October 22, 12
  • 11. They might be big time athletes, but they are still women and deal with the same problems we do. We want to know how they deal with their problems and how their stories can inspire us - Jean, mom, espnW qualitative research We like to feel like we know the athletes we like the backstory - Joanne, mom, espnW qualitative research I look for interesting stories in addition to sports. I like to know whats going on behind the scenes in athletes lives - Melanie, non-mom, espnW qualitative research 11Monday, October 22, 12
  • 12. in what way do women fan differently? Topline stats Nitty-gritty stats Wants to know athletes as Likes to know the athletes as people numbers, fantasy, brackets Cares about her teams and Cares about the sport, the her favorite players league, and the team Cares about the what, why Focused on the what and how 12Monday, October 22, 12
  • 13. Think about the story of the sport for women. Where is the reality TV show for womens sport? Where is the rise above the odds TV series or movie story? - Kate Muhl, Iconoculture 13Monday, October 22, 12
  • 14. A parallel example from a very different world...The life story of a major band or singer each week, and even if you didnt like the musical genre of that singer/band, their story could be riveting, deeply engaging... 14Monday, October 22, 12
  • 15. Provocation of course... but doesnt the approach have potential?? 15Monday, October 22, 12
  • 16. Room in market for a sports mag/site that is specically and exclusively about the LIFE of athletes? their background, family, training, values, hopes, daily struggles etc. Sort of mid-way point between ESPN mag and People mag? Power to appeal to many, but esp women?? 16Monday, October 22, 12
  • 17. The principle in action.... part of a great campaign with storytelling about athletes at the core 17Monday, October 22, 12
  • 18. Star power 18Monday, October 22, 12
  • 19. 81.5 million readers 71.6 million readers No prizes for spotting America-s - esp American womens - seemingly insatiable appetite for content about celebs and stars. Maybe not always a palatable phenomenon - but a powerful one. Exploitable for womens sport? source: US Media Pack, People Media Pack, InTouch Media Pack, OK Magazine Media Pack, Star Magazine Media Pack, National Enquirer Media Pack,, E Online, Gawker, 19Monday, October 22, 12
  • 20.