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By Cole Hoffman EDT 180 20784. EsPN Bottom Line. RSS / Information Aggregators. Outline. Purposes and Audience. To see compact sports information for all sports that includes The score Injury reports How much time is left in the game or if it is final Leading scorers Fantasy Leaders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EsPN Bottom Line

EsPN Bottom LineRSS / Information AggregatorsBy Cole HoffmanEDT 180 207841OutlinePurposes and Audience

Cool Features

Social Media Aspects


2Purposes and Audience To see compact sports information for all sports that includesThe scoreInjury reportsHow much time is left in the game or if it is finalLeading scorers Fantasy LeadersSports newsTradesTeam Reports

Reaches out to sports lovers everywhere helping them stay updated

3Cool features

More InformationLockCustomize Button

You may click the hyperlink to any game that scrolls through and you it will automatically open up and you will see a full in depth summary of that particular game

You may lock you bottom line to only show one sport

You many customize your bottom line to show your favorite sports teams and get more information on your teams

4Social Media AspectThis social media allows sports lovers everywhere to connect with the sports world at little to no effort on their part

5Recommendations As a fellow sports fanatic I recommend this to anyone who has a favorite team no matter what the sportIt is easy to use and puts the information of the entire sports world at the bottom of any deviceThis social media is easy to access and download to your computer at click downloadThen run program If trying to download on an iPhone, watch video

6Thank you for listening!Email: cole.hoffman@gmail.comPhone #: (626) 888-23457