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  • 1. ESPNBy: Daniel Loewy

2. Nature of the Business The product is in the name, ESPN: Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. American, global television network that focuses on sports-programming Sports talk shows, event telecasts, and expertanalysis The competition: National Networks: CBS, NBC Specialty Networks: MLB TV, NFL Network, GolfChannel, etc 3. (continued) Aside from their presence on cable networks across the world, ESPN also has an array of product offerings: ESPN Insider ESPN the Magazine 30 for 30 Documentaries Clothing apparel ESPN Zones located across the U.S. Challenges in capturing product sales: Budget constraints related to advertising Maximizing advertising reach amongst consumers 4. The Pitch To implement a low-cost digital marketing campaign which seeks to utilize social media, primarily, in order to reach a greater number of our target customers. We feel there is an opportunity to make this niche market more aware that ESPN even offers for-purchase, premium products. Facebook Twitter Mobile Solutions 5. The Facebook Plan Existing Facebook page is highly interactive, excellent opportunity to supplement this current strength. In coordination with Marketing, determine keywords that correlate to the interests of Facebook users. Use this acquired knowledge to employ the use ofBanner Ads Reach Your Target Customers Deepen Your Relationships Control Your budget 6. ( continued) Reach Your Target Customers Reach over 800 million potential customers Choose your audience by location, age, and interests Deepen Your Relationships Promote your Facebook page and/or website Utilize the Like button to increase your ads influence Control Your Budget Set and control your budget daily Choose to pay only when people click ad (CPC) or when they see the ad (CPM) 7. The Twitter Plan Many prominent ESPN analysts already have a strong presence on Twitter, as well as the network page itself. ESPN also employs many former professionalathletes Excellent and convenient opportunity to have famous people promote your product Example: Football Insider, Adam Schefter, couldpromote ESPN Insider subscriptions No added expenses, employees already under salary Use the Promotion feature on Twitter 8. ( continued) Promotion feature: ESPN could refine their target reach by targetingusers with platform messages iOS, Android, and Blackberry International Opportunities: 70% of the 140 million active users on Twitter areabroad TwitterAds and the Promotion feature could allowESPN to tap into a new niche market 9. Mobile Solutions Create and develop apps that compliment the product offerings of ESPN (TV) and Coupon offerings Limited time offers Fantasy Sport apps ESPN the Magazine access for iPhone and Androidusers Promote these apps through other social media platforms that ESPN already employs 10. Metrics First and foremost, monitor the sales figures on products that are related to social media promotion. Use prior sales figures of related products as ahistorical benchmark. Elicit consumer feedback regarding the effectiveness of the recent social media marketing campaign. Track increase in mobile apps purchased Utilize the Google AdWords feature that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of keyword selection and click-throughs 11. Budget First, it is important to note that the goal of this digitalmarketing campaign is not to incur traditionallyexpensive advertising costs Mastering social media marketing to minimize costshighlights the intrigue of this proposal That being said, ESPN has an enormously large checkbook: Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company Industry market share leader Realistic digital marketing campaign budget givencompany revenues and resources: $400,000 12. Wrap-Up Minimize advertising costs through utilizing various forms of social media. Facebook Banner Ads Twitter Promotion feature, ESPN internalpromotion Mobile Solutions For-purchase phone Apps Further segment consumer market to better target that audience Raise product awareness Reach more consumers to capture more sales