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Session on IASL 2009

Transcript of Eriksen Britt, Maria Session PP 090902

  • 1. School LibraryYear Plans A way of implementing schoolstrategy and meeting curriculum requirements Maria Eriksen Britt Municipal Association of School Libraries in Denmark

2. Denmark A small country in Scandinavia 5,5 mill. inhabitants Consists of 98 municipalities 1700 schools 10 years of mandatory school for all children 3. School Libraries in Denmark All public schools must have a school library (1964). All school libraries must have professionally trained staff or staff in training. All school librarians must be teachers and have practiced teaching for several years before becoming a school librarian. The school librarian education consists of a basis module of 120 hours and two p.d. modules of each 246 hours. 4. School Library Curriculum No curriculum in Denmark Must support subject curriculums Guidesteachers in lesson planning Assists in choice of teachingmaterials 5. Municipal Association of SchoolLibraries in DenmarkBoard of 8 politicians, Advisory board of Employees 2 professionalsprofessionalsand 1 interest group representativeOtherOrganizations Private schools Municipalities And Public schools Cooperationpartners 6. School Library of the year Founded in 2007 Issued twice: 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 Three finalists each year One winner and two runner ups Hillerdsholmskolen runner up 2007/2008 7. Why Make Year Plans? Implement pedagogical strategy Help meet curriculum requirements Qualify the Information Literacy teaching 8. Hillerdsholmskolen 850 students between the age of 5 and 16 60+ teachers The school library is open and staffed 32 hours a week 12 hours a week there are 2 trained school librarians in the library 9. The school library staff 3 trained school librarians 1 IT specialist Part time helpers shelving books and other tasks Specialist teachers from the pedagogical staff 10. The Catalogue 29 pages 21 different activities At least 2 activities for each class Different levels of participation 11. Information Literacy and IT Weekly Library Hour 0-5th grade Information Literacy 2nd, 4th and 6th grade Media Education 3rd, 5th and 7th grade IT Course 3rd grade Search Skills 8th grade Project Management 8th and 9th grade 12. Levels of Participation School library activity Cooperationactivity Class room activity 13. School Library Activity All 2nd graders Star race Groups of 4 or 5 Find their way and solve tasks about literature 14. Cooperation Activity Offered to all 5th grades Graphic Novels Introduction to the genre 3 weeks of reading and working Intranet as a tool of communication Questionnaires, multiple choice quizzes and making websites 15. Class Room Activity All 7th graders The Newspaper in the Education Produce an entire newspaper Learn to use the layout program Publisher Planning and teaching by classroom teachers School library prepares students and teachers The school library is the contact between teachers and national planners 16. Other Subjects Art Detectives Arts & Crafts The Murder of Johanne Jensen ICT (movie editing) Photo Competition Danish, Arts & Crafts, ICT (photo editing) Melved the case Danish, Social Studies, Biology, Math & Physics Palestine Conflicts English, Social Studies 17. Important points Offers activities to classes and teachers Activities based on teachers lessonplans Activities based on need, desire andexperience Good examples of integrating ICT Goodplanning facilitates extendedcooperation between SL and teachers 18. Cooperation with School Management Listens to SchoolLibrary ideas Gave mandate todecide mandatoryand voluntaryactivities Focus on reading andIT skills 19. The Impact Higher level of participation in school library activities Teachers have more time for students Less need for rules and guidelines School library staff know the students better Teachers are more aware of school library competencies School library is better able to adapt teaching to support teachers plan and curriculum 20. Important Notes Catalogue must be issued beforeteacher planning Activities must be easy for teachersto engage in Alwaysprovide teachers andstudents with necessary information Dontinvent a new catalogue eachyear. REUSE! 21. The goal is to: Facilitate good and inspiring teaching Help meet curriculum requirements Include Information Literacy, ICT and other skills in the normal teaching