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Fine Food, serves at ur door

Transcript of Entrepreneur - Delivery Business

  • 1.

2. Contents Business Description Business Life-cycle Financial Marketing Plan Target Market Future Development & Conclusion 3. Business Description

  • Leeds
  • Whats yourfoodsforeveryday life ?

eat for living as well as having a fine diningIntroduction

  • Livein thecity .

4. Business Description

The Goals of our services is to provide ourcustomers withquality foodsand ourbest services that exceed their expectations on basic food order in their usual life. The Goals of our services is to provide our customers with quality foods and our best services that exceed their expectations on basic food order in their usual life.Objective Save the customer time Value for money Offer good taste and quality foods Best service and guarantee on-timefood delivery 5. Business Description Highest quality The variety of choice Convenience Corporate catering Customer database Word of mouth Keys to success Business Ethic & Management 6. Business Life-Cycle Business Diagram 7. Business Life-Cycle Chinese: Red Chili Indian: Akbars Italian: Salvos Japanese:Chino Latino Mediterranean:Olive Tree Thai:Chaophraya PartnershipRestaurants Recommended by Dining OutLeeds Guide Magazine 8. Target Market Fine food aims to satisfy the needsofindividuals andhouseholdresidents ofLeeds city The population of Leedsis more than 700.000and there is not other companywhich offer similar services The company has featuresthat can offer great benefits especially to two target markets People who work in Businesses and organizations during lunchtime. Middle income families (during the dinner time) 74.49 % 9. Target Market FeaturesVariety of meals Delivery Service Offer healthy food Order in Advance Benefits Satisfy all different tastesSave Time Avoid unhealthy food Preparation of schedule Features & Benefits 10. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths It will be theonly companythat offers this kindof services Broad MarketCustomer loyaltycan be in high levels WeaknessesHigh cost for the operationof the business We depend on the ownersof the restaurants Difficult to cover the needsof the customers in the wholearea of the City 11. Marketing plan Pricing strategy Advertising & Promotion Sales & Distribution 12. Marketing plan

  • From restaurants :
  • 10% standard eat-in service chargewill go into our account, due to we will be replaced as delivery.

Pricing strategy

  • From customers :
  • the standard delivery charge will be expected as2.00 within green zone , in addition,1.00 more for every extra two miles.

13. Marketing plan

  • Direct marketingwill be used by providing flyers, posters to the targeted customers.

Advertising & Promotion

  • Advertising on the companywebsite .
  • Company information
  • (website & telephone no.)
  • can bepicked up in the co-operating restaurants .

14. Marketing plan Sales & Distribution

  • Call center
  • Website
  • (menus are available on the website)

Payment Cash & Tare allowed to make the payment Cards can also be used when order on Internet 15. Financial

  • 25,000in total which coming from two parts
    • Owner capital 10,000 (2,000 for each)
    • Bank loan15,000 (interest 7.9% per year)


  • How to use it

Office equipment10,000 poundsTechnique support1,000 for sit-up and monthly payment Rent613.2 per months pay one in advancePromotion5,000 pounds in total 16. Financial

  • Major outcome
    • Power supplies
    • Advertisement
    • Salaries
    • Rent
    • Office supplies
    • Technique
    • Insurance
    • Bank load
  • Major income
    • Two way for charge: delivery charge and service charge
    • The high transaction is during June to November
    • the gapfor transaction: 3,000 to 7,000 times
    • The avg of transaction will be around 5, 000 per months

For detail to look at cash flow Outcome and Income 17. Financial 18. Financial

  • At the end of the year ;
  • Total sale profit will be 276,010 pounds
  • Total net profit will be 80,637.30 pounds

For detail to look atLoss and Profit ;Balance SheetTotal revenue

  • Without the total of outcome for this years ;
  • cooperate taxfor government of small organisation
  • and long-term loan for bank are taxable
  • and liabilities payment for company.
    • Cooperate taxwill be occupy the 19% of total sale revenue
    • Total long-term loan will be 7.9% for bank loan

19. Recommendations Pick up pointas a easier wayto save your time on the way home. Develop thecall center in terms of thecustomer databasewhich will have. Promotion and advertising campaign best meal for your best friend&two for one 20. References Anonymous (2008)Guide to writing a winning business proposal http://www.bytestart.co.uk/content/businessplans/30_1/business-proposal-guide.shtml [access: January 7 2008] Dibb S., Simkin L., Pride M.W. and Ferrell C.O. (2006)Marketingconcepts and strategies 5th European edition Houghton Mifflin New York DATAMONITOR (2007)Foodservice in the United KingdomIndustry profile www.datamonitor.com[access: July 2007]DATAMONITOR (2007)Profit Foodservice in the United KingdomIndustry profile www.datamonitor.com[access: July 2007] Leeds City Council [online] (2008).About Leeds , available from:http:// www.leeds.gov.uk/About_Leeds.aspx [Accessed 14 February, 2008]. Leeds Statistics [online] (2008). Area: Leeds Metropolitan District , available from:http:// statistics.leeds.gov.uk[Accessed 14 February, 2008]. Leeds Guide (2007)Dining Out 07/08Leeds: Leeds Guide LtdWickham, Philip A. (2006)Strategic Entrepreneurship4th edition Financial Times Prentice Hall London 21. Thank You