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Teachers in Action Powerpoint and Narration.

Transcript of Emmari olivo

  • 1. My DaySat Neptune
    Emmari Olivo
    April 23,2010
    EEX 4070

2. Introduction to the Setting
3. Site/Community Demographics
4. Early Perceptions
I was very excited to be going into Mrs. Brennans ESE classroom at Neptune Elementary. At first, I did not know what to expect because I have not been in that environment before this. I wanted to make sure everything was done properly and that I had prepared myself for what I was walking into.
5. Engagement Activities
Responsible for building the students socialization skills.
The students learned how to express themselves through an About Me worksheet.
Games were a great tool to use for that the students grade levels varied.
6. A Little About Me
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a friend
I am a country brown-eyed girl
I am a dancer
I am a teacher
I am a leader
I am outgoing
I am energetic
I am thoughtful
I am just simply ME
7. Participant Demographics
Assisted/ taught 6 students and was there once a week for about 2 hours.
Students were in the ages betweenseven and ten years old.
Classroom was diverse with different ethnic groups. Hispanic being the primary one.
There were two levels of students: high and low.
Categorized as high: ask many questions ,cannot relate to feelings, and refuse to do new work at times.
Categorized as low:not able to communicate effectively, need pictures and visuals to follow, and have some difficulty sharing with others.
8. Reflection of My Experience
This experience has taught me more about ESE students then I actually thought. They just want to be treated equally as the other students in the school.
I really enjoyed helping the students with the worksheets that we assigned to them. Many did not know what to do or write but being a part of helping them understand was very rewarding.
I believe that from doing this experience that I will learn to live life one day at a time.
Everyday is a brand new day!
9. Academic Learning
Having a hands on experience definitely opened my eyes on different strategies I can use in my classroom. Patience is very needed with some students more than others. Therefore activities and lessons I choose have to accommodate the students on all different levels.
Not all students are the same and I gain the knowledge that it is good to know the students on a personal level. If the teacher can speak to the student on their level then things will be just fine.