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Transcript of Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Goldby

    Edgar Rice Burroughs

    CHAPTER ONE SAVAGE QUARRY.Down out of Tigre and Amara u!on Go"am and Soa and #affa $ome te rain% from &une toSe!tem'er( $arr)ing %i*t and !ro%!erit) from A')%%inia to te ea%tern Sudan and to Eg)!t('ringing mudd) trai*% and %wo**en ri+er% and deat and !ro%!erit) to A')%%inia.Of te%e gift% of te rain%( on*) te mudd) trai*% and te %wo**en ri+er% and deat intere%ted a *itt*e'and of Sif*a% tat e*d out in te remote fa%tne%%e% of te mountain% of #affa. Hard men werete%e mounted 'andit%( $rue* $rimina*% witout e+en a +e%tige of $u*ture %u$ a% o$$a%iona**)*ea+en% te a$ti+itie% of rogue%( *e%%ening teir rut*e%%ne%%. #afi$o and Ga**a te) were( te off%$ouring% of teir tri'e%( out*aw%( men wit !ri$e% u!on teir ead%.,t wa% not raining now( and te rain) %ea%on wa% drawing to a $*o%e( for it wa% te midd*e ofSe!tem'er. -ut tere wa% %ti** mu$ water in te ri+er%( and te ground wa% %oft after a re$entrain.

    Te Si"ta% rode( %eeing *oot from wa)farer( $ara+an( or +i**age/ and a% te) rode( te un%odoof% of teir or%e% *eft a !*ain %!oor tat one migt read u!on te run.

    A %ort di%tan$e aead of tem( in te dire$tion toward wi$ te) were riding( a unting 'ea%t%ta*ed it% !re). Te wind wa% '*owing from it toward te a!!roa$ing or%emen( and for ti%rea%on teir %$ent %!oor wa% not 'orne to it% %en%iti+e no%tri*%( nor did te %oft ground gi+e fortan) %ound 'eneat te feet of teir wa*ing mount%.Toug te %ta*er did not re%em'*e a 'ea%t of !re)( %u$ a% te term $onnote% to te mind ofman( e wa% one ne+erte*e%%( for in i% natura* aunt% e fi**ed i% 'e**) ') te $a%e and ') te$a%e a*one. Neiter did e re%em'*e te menta* !i$ture tat one migt o*d of a t)!i$a* -riti%*ord( )et e wa% tat( too 0 e wa% Tar1an of te A!e%.

    A** 'ea%t% of !re) find unting !oor during a rain( and Tar1an wa% no e2$e!tion to te ru*e. ,t adrained for two da)%( and a% a re%u*t Tar1an wa% ungr). A %ma** 'u$ wa% drining in a %treamfringed ') 'u%e% and ta** reed%( and Tar1an wa% worming i% wa) u!on i% 'e**) troug %ort

    gra%% to rea$ a !o%ition from wi$ e migt eiter $arge or *oo%e an arrow or $a%t a %!ear. Hewa% not aware tat a grou! of or%emen ad reined in u!on a gent*e ri%e a %ort di%tan$e 'eindim were te) %at in %i*en$e regarding im intent*).U%a te wind( wo $arrie% %$ent( a*%o $arrie% %ound. Toda)( U%a $arried 'ot te %$ent and te%ound of te Sifta% awa) from te een no%tri*% and ear% of te a!e 0 man.Te $ir$um%tan$e% tat 'rougt Tar1an nortward into #affa are not a !art of ti% %tor). Pera!%te) were not urgent( for te 3ord of te &ung*e *o+e% to roam remote fa%tne%%e% %ti** un%!oi*ed ')te de+a%tating and of $i+i*i1ation( and need% 'ut trif*ing in$enti+e to do %o.

    At te moment( owe+er( Tar1an4% mind wa% not o$$u!ied ') tougt% of ad+enture. He did notnow tat it *oomed treatening*) 'eind im. Hi% $on$ern and i% intere%t were $entred u!on te'u$ wi$ e intended %ou*d %ati%f) te $ra+ing of i% ra+enou% unger. He $re!t $autiou%*)forward.5rom 'eind( te wite 0 ro'ed Sifta% mo+ed from te *itt*e ri%e were te) ad 'een wat$ingim in %i*en$e( mo+ed down toward im wit %!ear and *ong 0 'arre**ed mat$*o$. Te) were!u11*ed. Ne+er 'efore ad te) %een a wite man *ie ti% one( 'ut if $urio%it) wa% in teir mind%(tere wa% on*) murder in teir eart%.Te 'u$ rai%ed i% ead o$$a%iona**) to g*an$e a'out im( war)( %u%!i$iou%. 6en e did %o(Tar1an fro1e into immo'i*it). Sudden*) te anima*4% ga1e $entred for an in%tant u!on %ometing inte dire$tion of te a!e 0 man/ ten it wee*ed and 'ounded awa). ,n%tant*) Tar1an g*an$ed'eind im( for e new tat it ad not 'een e wo ad frigtened i% 7uarr)( 'ut %ometing'e)ond and 'eind im tat te a*ert e)e% of 6a!!i ad di%$o+ered. Tat 7ui$ g*an$e re+ea*ed aa*f0do1en or%emen mo+ing %*ow*) toward im( to*d im wat te) were( and e2!*ained teir!ur!o%e. #nowing tat te) were Sifta%( e new tat te) $ame on*) to ro' and i** 0 new tat

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    ere were enemie% more rut*e%% tan Numa.6en te) %aw tat e ad di%$o+ered tem( te or%emen 'roe into a ga**o! and 'ore downu!on im( wa+ing teir wea!on% and %outing. Te) did not fire( e+ident*) o*ding in $ontem!tti% !rimiti+e*) armed +i$tim( 'ut %eemed to !ur!o%e riding im down and tram!*ing im 'eneatte oof% of teir or%e% or im!a*ing im u!on teir %!ear%.-ut Tar1an did not turn and run. He new e+er) !o%%i'*e a+enue of e%$a!e witin te radiu% of i%+i%ion for e+er) danger tat migt rea%ona'*) 'e e2!e$ted to $onfront im ere( for it i% te'u%ine%% of te $reature% of te wi*d to now te%e ting% if te) are to %ur+i+e( and %o e newtat tere wa% no e%$a!e from mounted men ') f*igt. -ut ti% now*edge trew im into no!ani$. Cou*d te re7uirement% of %e*f 0 !re%er+ation a+e 'een 'e%t a$ie+ed ') f*igt( e wou*da+e f*ed( 'ut a% te) $ou*d not( e ado!ted te a*ternati+e 7uite a% a matter of $our%e 0 e %toodto figt( read) to %ei1e u!on an) fortuitou% $ir$um%tan$e tat migt offer a $an$e to e%$a!e.Ta**( magnifi$ent*) !ro!ortioned( mu%$*ed more *ie A!o**o tan *ie Her$u*e%( gar'ed on*) in a *ion%in( e !re%ented a %!*endid figure of !rimiti+e manood tat %ugge%ted more( !era!%( tedemigod of te fore%t tan it did man. A$ro%% i% 'a$ ung i% 7ui+er of arrow% and a *igt( %ort%!ear/ te *oo%e $oi*% of i% gra%% ro!e *a) a$ro%% one 'ron1ed %ou*der. At i% i! %wung teunting nife of i% fater( te nife tat ad gi+en te 'o) 0 Tar1an te fir%t %ugge%tion of i%$oming %u!rema$) o+er te oter 'ea%t% of te "ung*e on tat far 0 gone da) wen i% )outfu*and dro+e it into te eart of -o*gani te gori**a. ,n i% *eft and wa% i% 'ow and 'etween tefinger% four e2tra arrow%.

    A% Ara te *igtning( %o i% Tar1an for %wiftne%%. Te in%tant tat e ad di%$o+ered andre$ogni1ed te mena$e $ree!ing u!on im from 'eind and nown tat e ad 'een %een ') teor%emen( e ad *ea!ed to i% feet( and in te %ame in%tant %trung i% 'ow. Now( !era!% e+en'efore te *eading Sifta% rea*i1ed te danger tat $onfronted tem( te 'ow wa% 'ent( te %aft%!ed.Sort 'ut !owerfu* wa% te 'ow of te a!e 0 man/ %ort( tat it migt 'e ea%i*) $arried troug tefore%t and te "ung*e/ !owerfu*( tat it migt %end it% %aft% troug te touge%t ide to a +ita*organ of it% !re). Su$ a 'ow wa% ti% tat no ordinar) man migt 'end it.Straigt troug te eart of te *eading Sifta dro+e te fir%t arrow( and a% te fe**ow trew i%arm% a'o+e i% ead and *unged from i% %add*e four more arrow% %!ed wit *igtning0*iera!idit) from te 'ow of te a!e 0 man( and e+er) arrow found a target. Anoter Sifta dro!!ed toride no more( and tree were wounded.On*) %e$ond% ad e*a!%ed %in$e Tar1an ad di%$o+ered i% danger( and a*read) te four

    remaining or%emen were u!on im. Te tree wo were wounded were more intere%ted in tefeatered %aft% !rotruding from teir 'odie% tan in te 7uarr) te) ad e2!e$ted %o ea%i*) too+er$ome( 'ut te fourt wa% wo*e( and e tundered down u!on te a!e 0 man wit i% %!ear%et for te great $e%t.Tere $ou*d 'e no retreat for Tar1an/ tere $ou*d 'e no %ide 0 %te!!ing to a+oid te tru%t( for a%te! to eiter %ide wou*d a+e $arried im in front of one of te oter or%emen. He ad 'ut a%ing*e %*ender o!e for %ur+i+a*( and tat o!e( for*orn toug it a!!eared( e %ei1ed u!on witte $e*erit)( %trengt( and agi*it) tat mae Tar1an Tar1an. S*i!!ing i% 'ow%tring a'out i% ne$after i% fina* %ot( e %tru$ u! te !oint of te mena$ing wea!on of i% antagoni%t( and gra%!ingte man4% arm %wung im%e*f to te or%e4% 'a$ 'eind te rider.

    A% %tee* 0 tewed finger% $*o%ed u!on te Sifta4% troat e +oi$ed a %ing*e !ier$ing %$ream/ tena nife dro+e ome 'eneat i% *eft %ou*der '*ade( and Tar1an ur*ed te 'od) from te %add*e.Te terrified or%e( running free wit f*)ing rein%( tore troug te 'u%e% and te reed% into te

    ri+er( wi*e te remaining %7ta%( di%a'*ed ') teir wound%( were g*ad to a'andon te $a%e u!onte 'an( toug one of tem( retaining more +ita*it) tan i% $om!anion%( did rai%e i% mat$*o$and %end a !arting %ot after te e%$a!ing 7uarr).Te ri+er wa% a narrow( %*uggi% %tream 'ut dee! in te $anne*( and a% te or%e !*unged into it(Tar1an %aw a $ommotion in te water a few )ard% down%tream and ten te out*ine of a *ong%inuou% 'od) mo+ing %wift*) toward tem. ,t wa% Gim*a te $ro$odi*e. Te or%e %aw it too and('e$oming franti$( turned u!%tream in an effort to e%$a!e. Tar1an $*im'ed o+er te ig $ant*e ofte A')%%inian %add*e and un%*ung i% %!ear in te rater futi*e o!e of o*ding te re!ti*e at 'a)unti* i% mount $ou*d rea$ te %afet) of te o!!o%ite 'an toward wi$ e wa% now attem!tingto guide im.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Gim*a i% a% %wift a% e i% +ora$iou%. He wa% a*read) at te or%e4% rum!( wit o!ened "aw%( wente Sifta at te ri+er4% edge fired wi*d*) at te a!e 0 man. ,t wa% we** for Tar1an tat te woundedman ad fired urried*)( for %imu*taneou%*) wit te re!ort of te firearm( te $ro$odi*e do+e( andte fren1ied *a%ing of te water a'out im e+iden$ed te fa$t tat e ad 'een morta**)wounded.

    A moment *ater te or%e tat Tar1an rode rea$ed te o!!o%ite 'an and $*am'ered to te%afet) of dr) *and. Now e wa% under $ontro* again( and te a!e 0 man wee*ed im a'out and%ent a !arting arrow a$ro%% te ri+er toward te angr)( $ur%ing 'andit% u!on te o!!o%ite %ide( anarrow tat found it% mar in te tig of te a*read) wounded man wo ad unwitting*) re%$uedTar1an from a %eriou% %ituation wit te %ot tat ad 'een intended to i** im.To te a$$om!animent of a few wi*d and %$attered %ot%( Tar1an of te A!e% ga**o!ed toward anear') fore%t into wi$ e di%a!!eared from te %igt of te angr) Sifta%.

    CHAPTER T6O THE 6H,TE PR,SONER.5ar to te %out a *ion ro%e from i% i** and wa*ed ma"e%ti$a**) to te edge of a near') ri+er. He$a%t not %o mu$ a% a %ing*e g*an$e at te $ir$*e of )ena% and "a$a*% tat ad ringed im andi% i** waiting for im to de!art and wi$ ad 'roen and retreated a% e ro%e. Nor( wen te)ena% ru%ed in to tear at wat e ad *eft( did e a!!ear e+en to %ee te