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Transcript of ECM Renovation Roadshow - Easy ECM

  1. 1. The ECM Tug of Waraka Why you need EasyECM
  2. 2. The ECM Tug of War Enterprise IT Secure Compliant (RM) Simple to Implement Simple to Integrate Flexible & Scalable Upgradable Cost EffectiveUsers Easy to Learn Easy to Use Easy to Share Email & Office Integration Enterprise Search
  3. 3. Introducing EasyECM Increase Easy = Increase Utilization = Improved Control & Compliance Collaboration EasyRM Integration Streamlined Business Processes: Sponsored by Alfresco Workdesk
  4. 4. Workdesk delivers Loan Loan o ig n Cllaii orrigiinatio Ca m ms p ation oce s n Deal s prrocess Deal sing man man agem in g Maiil a Malrr oom gementt oom autto en Emp Emp lloyee au omatti m a io o yee on n Cust Custo onbo onbo omer arrdi m er n Mob onbo a ding Mob iile cl onboardi g le cl aiims ar ding ng am s asse asse ssme ssme ntt nProcess efficiency Cost savings Customer satisfaction Compliance
  5. 5. The Workdesk difference
  6. 6. Business Roles & Dynamic Views Workdesk enables you to see the right content, at the right time, based on your business role.Standard Alfresco Share web & mobile viewsHR PersonalizationBusiness RolesAlfresco Content RepositoryFinanceLegal
  7. 7. What do our users actually do?
  8. 8. Zia Consulting Case Study Corporate Legal Department at one of the worlds largest & most successful companies
  9. 9. The Solution Three Month Initial ImplementationZias Roadmap - Focused Assessment Zias Agile Delivery Alfresco Workdesk Alfresco Enterprise 3 Departments Assessed 1 Department Went Live
  10. 10. Problem: Not Easy to Find Email (Millions of Emails)File Share (Millions of Files)
  11. 11. Problem: Not Secure
  12. 12. Why Do We Use Them?
  13. 13. Build vs. Buy Decision Two Failed Build From Scratch ProjectsNothing on Market Addresses All Departments
  14. 14. Requirements & Constraints Easy & Feature Rich No Training Required
  15. 15. Mergers & Acquisitions Login Only 2 Groups
  16. 16. Mergers & Acquisitions Drag & Drop NDA from Desktop
  17. 17. Mergers & Acquisitions Create Project From NDA
  18. 18. Mergers & Acquisitions Taxonomy Created From NDA
  19. 19. The Results - Easy No Training Required Only 3 min videosTools That Work The Way I Do Office Tools (Word & Adobe) EmailAdopted Worldwide 70:700 Millions of Files Moved from Share Drives
  20. 20. The Results - Smart Role Based Highly Customized By Department and RoleRules & Behaviors Process Without Workflow Heavy Lifting Behind The ScenesUpgrades Much Easier UI is Configured, Not Customized Several Major Upgrades Applied
  21. 21. The Business Results Time Saved Projects kicked started and tracked in a timely wayInstitutionalization & Internalization Simple, Effective and SmartSmart, Effective and Simple Project Security needs met without sacrificing ease Solution integrated with Email & External Collaboration Tools
  22. 22. How Contract Management can help Take workload off from the Procurement and Legal people Enhance productivity and reduce mistakes Save money
  23. 23. Demo!
  24. 24. Key benefits for the business Improve efficiency Get back control Save money Short time to value
  25. 25. EasyECM Where else? Zias Simple + Secure Back Office Corporate Legal Human Resources Corporate Tax Corporate Finance And more